kidnapped schoolgirl in bondage and white knee length socks and stockings

I have been dressed up as a schoolgirl, with a white shirt and school tie and a black skirt and of course white panties. Plus a little twist for you, because although I know you like stockings, I think the schoolgirl uniform isn’t as sexy with some white knee length white socks. So what about both? What about stockings and knee length white socks? I have both on and I think they do look cute together. What do you think? In these pictures because I am tied up you can have a long good look up my skirt at my white panties. I have masking tape over my mouth so I can not scream for help. If you look carefully you might see being tied up in this schoolgirl uniform, stockings and socks has made me a little bit wet. What would you do for me if I was tied up in this uniform? wank over my little white panties up my skirt maybe? Keep a look out for a nipple slip, because I am tied up and struggling my nipples have come out of my blouse and because I am tied up I can’t put them back. I hope you don’t tweak my nipples.