Shopping in London for stockings and while wearing stockings

I was going out for the evening with a new gentleman friend of mine and wanted to look really sexy. I decided to treat myself and take myself into London for a little shopping!

I got dressed in a summery dress which would be easy to slip on and off if I was trying on clothes and wore a white satin suspender belt and some sheer stockings. I put them on carefully as I didn’t want to ladder them and clipped them in place with the metal clasps. I slipped on some sexy black heels and was ready to head out for the day.

I had in mind where I wanted to go and what I was looking for. I had already got a dress at home which I would be wearing, I just needed a few accessories, a new pair of stockings, maybe a pair of shoes (another pair I hear you cry!!) and I wanted to have my hair styled.

I took the tube into London and arrived at my destination. First stop would be Harrods. They have the most amazing selection of lingerie and stockings and you’ll always find something that’s a little bit unusual. The last time I was shopping here, I picked up some fabulous Italian stockings which were thicker than the average and had a zigzag pattern. Perfect for wearing in the winter with knee high boots. I got a lot of comments when I wore them from men saying how sexy they looked.

I walked into Harrods and immediately went into the hosiery section. I could see the shelves so neatly stacked with hundreds of pairs of stockings. All different brands and varying prices. The pair I fell in love with cost around £40. Quite expensive but they’ll be worth it. I took them carefully out of their packaging and slipped one stocking over my hand. It felt so soft and so silky. They were fully fashioned stockings and almost black, a really sultry colour. The seam at the back was very definite and very dark. They would look perfect with my dress. I couldn’t’t wait to put them on tonight!

I wandered around the department store and as well as the stockings, I had picked out a little diamond hair grip for my hair. Just a tiny little diamond worn in the hair can look amazing. Though it was quite expensive, I’d be sure to wear it time and time again.

I paid for the stockings and the hair grip and decided to go outside, get a little fresh air and see what other shops I fancied browsing around. I walked past one of my favourite shoe shops trying so hard not to go in, but I couldn’t resist, It was like a magnet to me, drawing me in, closer and closer. I walked through the doors and looked around me at some amazing shoes. I was drawn to a pair of black patent heels with a slingback strap. They were really high and had a little platform. I picked up one of the shoes and examined it. It felt so well made and I love the trademark red soles. It was my size so I tried it on. I knew I’d like it and I knew they would be perfect and I knew that I would really want them. I shouldn’t thing about buying them….they are almost £500. The sales assistant told me I looked fabulous in them and without even trying on the other shoe I was sold! He bought over the other shoe and I slipped it on. I walked up and down slowly and felt wonderful. Oh no! I bought them! I really shouldn’t spend so much money on shoes but I can’t help it!

Right, I had to walk away from the shops now before I go bankrupt!

I decided to have lunch and then get my hair styled. My appointment was in an hour so I went to a sushi bar opposite the hair salon, ate Sashimi and watched the world go by outside. I had my hair styled in a forties style and it looked amazing. I couldn’t wait to get home now and finish getting ready for my date.

I arrived home and had a lovely long soak in the bath with lots of Molton Brown bubbles. I love bathing before a night out especially If I have been on my feet all day, It’s so relaxing. I love the feel of the silky bubbles on my wet skin.

I got dressed that evening and sipped on a glass of champagne and got so excited as I slipped on my black satin dress. My hair still looked perfect and the hair grip looked very glamorous. I put on the stockings just a couple of minutes before my friend was due to arrive as I was so worried I might ladder them. That would be disastrous! I pulled each stocking really slowly over my knees and carefully arranged them so that the seams at the back were perfectly straight. I clipped them gently and admired them in the mirror. Wow! This is why I love stockings so much. They are so sexy, especially black ones. I don’t understand why ladies don’t wear them anymore. I feel like a princess in my outfit and the heels are amazing. I’m so glad I have a shoe fetish!

I answer the door to my gentleman friend who gasps when he sees me and tells me that I look beautiful. I felt like a Bond girl that evening and next time I’ll tell you all about my evening out! I definitely won’t forget it in a hurry! See what happened next at my premium site