Making sure the traffic warden didn’t impose a parking fine

I had gone into town one morning and knew that I would literally only be a couple of minutes. I would have paid for my parking ticket but I didn’t have any change on me.I did what I had to in the town and arrived back at my car only to find a traffic warden who was just about to write out a parking fine for me.He was a real jobs worth and really wasn’t going to let me off until…I basically whispered something in his ear and he agreed to let me off. I had a great plan up my sleeves and he’d love it. I got into the car and he sat in the seat beside me. I was parked in an extremely quiet spot so no one would be able to see what I was about to do.

I started off my little show by rubbing my left hand up and down on the traffic wardens leg and very, very close to his cock. He soon became hard just by having me touch his leg! I then put his hand on my thigh and that gave him a great chance to find out what I was wearing underneath my little black miniskirt. He ran his fingers over the top of my sexy black fully fashioned stocking tops and the metal clasps. He very nearly slid his fingers inside my white silk panties but he resisted.

His cock was now rock solid. I could see that it was desperate to escape from his tight black trousers. I unbuttoned my top and touched my breasts and before I knew it I was very turned on myself. I started to finger myself and I was so moist. The traffic warden was now masturbating in the seat next to me and asking desperately if I would just give his cock a little suck.It was such a turn on doing what we were doing and It was quite exciting thinking we could be caught. Of course I would suck him. His cock was actually enormous and I was salivating at the thought of it right inside my mouth.I took him deep to the back of my throat and sucked and licked him and sucked on his loaded balls. It wasn’t going to take him long before he would cum.He had slid his fingers inside my panties and inside my wet pussy. He sighed with pleasure as he felt my warm and wet pussy. He literally came there and then. His cock throbbed and exploded inside my mouth. I felt like he’d cum so much I wouldn’t swallow it all. I did. I swallowed every last drop.

After a few more seconds, I came to orgasm with his fingers still inside me. Such a relief to orgasm. It’s just the best feeling! Shortly afterwards, he stepped out of my car and ripped up my parking fine into lots of little pieces and then walked off down the road with a big grin on his face. I started up the car and pulled away and wandered if I would ever do that again! It was so exciting! Want to read more? Well visit me at my premium fans site here