Trousers and pantyhose

Something a bit different for you and some quite explicit pictures. No skirt here today. Can you believe I am wearing trousers? Yes trousers but of course with heels and what is a bit different is that I am not wearing any panties underneath my trousers but I am wearing pantyhose. Of course my pantyhose crouch is all hot and sweaty and it isn’t long before I take my trousers off and show you my pantyhose and what is underneath my pantyhose, which is just my very smooth and very wet shaved pussy. But I am not stopping there, I am also going to show you my breasts today, just for extra tease. My breasts and nothing but pantyhose and no panties, while I am changed to a cross. Would you like to sniff my wet pantyhose crouch or maybe even bite my erect nipples?