I love to carefully hang each stocking on the washing line and see them gently sway with the breeze on a summer’s day.

This may sound really silly to some, but I really enjoy laundry day. I suppose it’s a mixture of things really. I like the fact that  I can empty the laundry basket and take a look at all the stockings I have worn throughout the course of a week and why I wore each pair. I also like the fact that all of them get washed and look brand new again after a quick spin in the washing machine, and that lovely fragrant smell of the fabric conditioner that lingers on each stocking, and I love to carefully hang each stocking on the washing line and see them gently sway with the breeze on a summer’s day.

I empty my laundry basket and tip it’s contents onto the bathroom  floor. I put all of my coloured clothes together and all of my white clothes together and all of my lingerie and stockings together. I always wash my stockings and lingerie before anything else and always wash the stockings just on their own. I have a special little satin bag which I put the stockings into so that they don’t get snagged or tangled up when they are spinning around in the washing machine.

First of all, I pick up a very sexy, silky black fully fashioned seamed stocking and find it’s pair and remember when I wore them. I wore them last Saturday evening when I went on a date with a gentleman friend of mine. Things got a little steamy later that evening and I remember the compliments I got for wearing  the little black dress I had on and how sexy my long legs felt in the silky stockings, and how the little flash of lace suspender strap that my friend saw every now and then was a real turn on to him.

I carefully placed them in the satin bag. The next pair of stockings I put into the bag was  more an every day pair of stockings, a nude pair with a seam which I wore on Monday while out shopping. I always try to wear a nude pair of stockings while I go shopping as when trying on clothing, they always look good and  always  look right with an outfit. I tried on a few different outfits that day and one of them, I couldn’t actually afford, but I just had to try it on. It was a beautiful designer outfit which didn’t have a price tag but I estimated it would have cost around three thousand pounds. The male personal shopper had to help me out of the dress as it was made of such expensive fabric and I didn’t want to get a make up mark on it as I pulled it up over my head. I loved the look on the assistants face as the dress came up  revealing my sexy undergarments. He was gob smacked as he saw the flash of stockings, then matching suspender, panties and bra!

The next pair to go in the satin bag was a black pair of fishnet stockings I wore to a party on Sunday night. It was a friends fetish party and I wore all black. I wore some devils horns and bright red lipstick and I had a red, swishing devils tail which I attached to my full backed, black panties. I wore my sexy fishnet stockings with a satin and lace suspender belt and a black satin corset and black platform heels. I was told throughout the night that I looked devilishly sexy by a male admirer!

I also put three more pairs of nude stockings into the bag which I’d worn during the daytime and a pair of  browny coloured stockings which I remember wearing when my elderly neighbour saw me getting out of my car. As a lady, I always make sure I have my legs together when I step out of the car so that I don’t flash too much, but on this occasion, I had on a really short skirt and everyone knows that when you sit, your skirt rises up. I had forgotten to re-adjust my skirt and the nice man from next door saw a bit more than he’d bargained on! He said I had made his day. He said he loves stockings and  also said he looks forward to a Saturday morning because he draws back his curtains to see my washing line adorned with my stockings.

I zipped up the satin bag and placed it in the washing machine. I put in some detergent and some fabric conditioner and turn on the machine to a delicate cycle. It only takes about twenty minutes and the washing machine bleeps to remind me it’s finished.

I open up the machine, take out the bag and empty it’s contents into a basket and take out some pegs from the laundry cupboard. I remember again what the man next door said about my laundry day and I hitch up my skirt a little bit too far on purpose.

I walk to my back door, open it and enter my garden. I am wearing a sexy, floral summer skirt and a tight white t shirt with no bra underneath. There is a nip in the air this morning, so It doesn’t take long for my nipples to become erect. You would just be able to make out the brown of my nipples through the t shirt and see just how hard they are.

My skirt just about covers my sexy pink satin panties, but you can easily see my pink suspender straps and very clearly the tops of my nude, fully fashioned seamed stockings. I am wearing some gorgeous new heels which really elongate my pins and I really take my time bending over to pick out each stocking and sexily reach up to peg them on the washing line.

I sneak a little look behind me because I know who’s going to be watching!! Yes, just as I thought, the elderly neighbour is standing at  his window gazing out into my garden and is watching my every move, I wave and give him a little wink. He knows I’m putting on a show just for him and loves every flash of my stocking tops and sexy suspender straps and metal clasps.

I hang my stockings up in their pairs and eventually fill up the line. I stand back to look at them swaying with the breeze. The scent of the fabric conditioner fills the air and I take a deep breath in.

I turn around and slowly walk back into the house, waving again to the man next door. I leave him standing at his window still gazing  at my washing line of stockings!

Those are just a few reasons why I love laundry day so much! See the pictures and movie on my premium members site here