Stripping off my stockings and panties then taking a shower

I really love the feeling of being so invigorated and fresh after taking a steamy hot shower and I love the whole ritual of sexily undressing and teasing anyone that may see as I leave the bathroom window slightly ajar.

I always start by running the shower before I get in so that the water gets nice and hot and the air fills with steam.

I take off my blouse first by unbuttoning it very slowly and I let it fall to the floor. I then unzip my skirt at the back and sexily wiggle out of it. I am left standing in my bra, panties and of course my fully fashioned stockings and suspenders and heels. I stand for a moment like this incase I do have a peeping tom and make sure he gets a little private show that is worth watching.

I take off my bra very slowly by unhooking it’s clasp at the back, I take it off and hang it on the back of the bathroom door. The next items to come off are my stockings. I unclip each of the 3 metal clasps on each thigh and I roll each of the silky smooth stockings over my knees very slowly so that they don’t snag. I peel them off over my sexy feet and over my painted toenails then unclip the suspender fastening and watch the suspender belt fall to my feet. I wiggle my hips sexily from one side to the other as I peel off my white panties and am left standing by the window totally naked. I reach up to check that the temperature of the shower is ok and step inside.

I am invigorated almost immediately as the water hits my skin and I reach for my favourite bubbles. I love the scent of a luxurious shower product and love sexily rubbing it allover my smooth skin. I love to feel my curvaceous body and get a great thrill out of taking the time to rub lots of soapy bubbles all over my breasts and my pussy. I love the thought that someone just might be watching me and that they are also getting a great thrill out of seeing my wet and naked body and watching me rub myself all over with the bubbles.

Sometimes I cannot resist playing with myself in the shower. As I lather up more soap, I rub it all over my wet skin and feel really turned on as my hand glides over my breasts and my shaven pussy. Very slowly, I slide a finger inside myself, then another. With my other hand I rub my clitoris and while I’m thinking naughty thoughts, I get carried away and soon lose myself and come to a very quick climax. I moan loudly and don’t give a second thought as to who might hear me or see me through the open window for that matter.

After I have played with myself and have had a gorgeous smelling soapy shower, I turn off the water and reach for a warm, fluffy white towel. I dry every inch of my soft skin and drench myself in a sexy Chanel body lotion. I make sure that I take extra time to rub the lotion into my sexy slim legs and then I am ready to put on a black silk negligee and get ready to relax for the evening. Want more? Then take a look at my premium site here