Taking off my fishnet stockings in a club

I had been invited out to the opening of a trendy new London club and was really looking forward to going. I would be accompanied by a gay friend of mine who really loves going to clubs. He is a huge flirt but as well as chatting to the sexy men, he loves to compliment the girls.

I got ready for the evening out and put on a really sexy tight black corset and sexy little black miniskirt. Underneath I wore a pair of black fishnet stockings and a pair of silky satin black panties and a black satin suspender belt with metal clasps. I wore the highest black heels in my wardrobe and made sure I was ready for my friend at 9 o’clock. He arrived dead on 9 as promised and we left straight away. We got to the club and were asked to go in straight away. It was really glitzy and the decor was really trendy. We were handed miniature bottles of champagne and some gorgeous canapes. The music was great and everyone was really enjoying themselves.

My friend and I were talking about the dress code and he reckoned that while most ladies in the club did look great, I looked stunning. He said that more women should wear stockings and suspenders as it is sooo sexy and if he was a woman he wouldn’t consider wearing anything else.

It did seem that I was one of the the only ladies in the club wearing stockings and suspenders and I knew this because men kept on appraoching me to say how great I looked and a couple of men even brushed past me so slowly and so closey that they could feel the metal clasps on my suspender belt as they walked by.

It is really nice to be complimented by the others and always puts me on a high. My friend and I had a fabulous time dancing and drinking champagne and I hadn’t noticed that one of my stockings had a huge ladder in it. How annoying. I hate ladders, they look awful. I am usually so good at remembering to bring a spare stocking with me but had forgotten this time.

Never mind, I decided instead that I would just remove my stockings and dance the rest of the night away with sexy bare legs instead. I sat down at a table which was surrounded in really good looking men. As I had been drinking champagne, I was a little tipsy so thought I would give a little show whilst taking off my stockings.

I played a sexy little game of Chinese whispers with the men around the table and told them I would take off my stockings for them in a real Burlesque fashion but only if they didn’t invite a whole load more men into the show. I wanted to keep it discreet. My friend watched and giggled as I teased the men with my leg and upskirt show.

I sexily removed each of my heels and really slowly and seductively looked the men right in the eyes and removed each stocking. I rolled them down over my knees one by one lifting my legs high in the air. They would have been given a great glimpse of my satin panties while I peformed for them. I left my suspender belt on and put on my heels again before getting up and blowing a real Marylin style kiss at the men round the table. They were all smiling and looked a somewhat impressed at what they’d just been treated to!

I went over to where my friend was waiting and we both giggled at what I’d done, I always make him laugh when we go out together! We finished our night out with more champagne and lots more dancing before heading home. The next time I go there, perhaps you’ll be there too?! To read all my storie and watch all my videos visit my premier site here