stockings and slip in the dungeon

This is a view of my new dungeon. Where I will be entertaining some very rich submissive men. This is just a small tour of my dungeon and I have decided to give you an extra special treat. Me in stockings with no panties on. So you can get the odd glimpse and hopefully smell of my moist pussy and ass. I do like to tease a man in stockings and panties. But sometimes I like to tease in just stockings, so you can almost get a glimpse of my pussy, but not quite. Do you like to be teased like this? Would almost getting to see my pussy get your cock nice and hard? Of course you can’t touch or taste my pussy, only my very best friends and very rich sugar daddies get that privilege. Oh and the occasional hung black stud, but you are allowed to take your cock out and imagine what it is like to see me teasing you in nothing but some fully fashioned stockings.