Flashing my panties in a posh restaurant

I had got ready this evening and put on a really sexy red dress, some gorgeous new fully fashioned stockings and a sexy satin suspender belt. I was wearing my favourite heels and was ready to go. I had a date who was taking me to a really posh new restaurant. I hadn’t been out with this man before and had only met him once through a friend of mine.

I thought we’d hit it off straight away but we arrived at the restaurant and we couldn’t have been more different. He was so quiet and wasn’t drinking and had put on bad shoes!

I can’t trust a man who wears the wrong shoes. He was wearing a nice suit with a pair of trainers!!! Goodness knows how I didn’t notice this before we arrived! We sat down and I thought I would forget about the trainers and just have a good night out. I did try, but he was so boring i must have been drunk to have agreed to go out with him! He had nothing interesting to say and was so indecisive. He ordered whatever I ordered and didn’t even compliment me on how I looked!

I decided to have some fun of my own anyway and as I had already spotted a couple having dinner opposite us having an equally rubbish time, I thought I would target them. They had obviously been arguing and were both in bad moods. I caught the eye of the man quite quickly and began my little show.

I couldn’t believe that in such a posh restaurant, I would have hitched up my dress so high. High enough for the man opposite to be able to see my sexy legs, my stocking tops and the suspender clips. He could also easily see my white panties and the outline of my pussy. He was getting quite turned on by my little show so far and his wife had disappeared. She had gone off to the ladies sulking by the looks of things. My date was hideous and was spending more time talking to the waiter than talking to me so for all I cared, I was just going to carry on with my little show.

I discreetly moved my hands up to the tops of my thighs and felt the metal clasps holding my stockings up and felt the silkiness of the stocking tops. This was a turn on for me in itself and I had almost forgotten I was in a public place! The man opposite me had now grown a a very big hard on and I would loved to have got a little bit friendlier with him! I was getting reslly turned on by flashing myself and showing what great legs I have and the silky stockings covering them but it was practically time to go home. My date was so boring it was untrue and I explained that we should call it a night for we wouldn’t get on. He did however pay the bill and when he left I stayed and finished the bottle of champagne. The couple opposite me had left for home and on the way out she was really hen pecking him and he lost his hard on quickly.

I went home that evening thinking that I could still very easily pleasure myself. So I did. I took off my sexy red dress, left on my stockings, heels and underwear and lay on my double bed. I took my favourite dildo and took great pleasure in pleasuring myself!

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