Shopping for new shoes in stockings and red patent high heels

One of my members has not only a stockings fetish, but also a fetish for feet and shoes. He knows that I love shoes as well and e-mailed me and said that the next time I go shoe shopping, he would love to come along and watch me as I try on lots of different types of shoes. He said that if he could come along, he would buy me whatever pair of shoes I liked.

How could I refuse?! I e-mailed him back straight away and arranged to meet up to go shoe shopping! I dressed that morning in a very sexy sheer pair of fully fashioned stockings and a sexy white suspender belt with metal clasps. I put on some new matching white lingerie and a little black dress. I wore some sexy black peep toes with a 4 inch heel. It was a sunny day, so put on my sunglasses and left my apartment ready to meet up with George.

I got to the place we had picked to meet and George was there waiting for me. He was so excited to meet up and couldn’t wait to watch me try on lots of pairs of shoes. He said I looked wonderful and my legs looked fabulous in the stockings I had chosen to wear. He said he had a surprise for me and pulled out a gorgeous pair of new stockings from his bag.

Wow, I was being spoiled already! These stockings George had bought for me are quite rare and I know that they would have cost him a small fortune. I couldn’t wait to wear them on a special night out! They are black and fully fashioned and are just so silky.

After a little walk around, I found a shoe shop which has to be my favourite. I won’t name drop but it is quite expensive. The shoes are gorgeous and have red soles. They are so worth every penny.

George holds the door for me and follows behind. All the time he is behind me he can get a wonderful view of my legs and the lines at the back of my sexy stockings and the high heels of my sexy peep toe shoes.

I slowly walk around the shop and could easily buy every single pair if money were no object! I pick out 7 pairs which I just absolutely adore and ask the assistant for my size.

George sits down opposite me and as I feel so sexy and so spoiled already, I give him the occasional naughty little flash of my white panties. I can tell he is really enjoying watching me as I see him grin like a schoolboy. As I am seated waiting the arrival of the shoes, I hitch my dress up just a touch so that George also gets a little glimpse of my stocking tops and a couple of the metal clasps.

I take off my heels and George watches my elegant feet as I wiggle my toes with excitement! The boxes arrive with the gorgeous shoes inside. I love it more than anything when I take out the shoes and smell that gorgeous scent of leather and unravel them from the tissue paper.

I feel like Cinderella as I place each foot inside the shoes. I make sure I do this slowly and elegantly so that George doesn’t miss a thing. I try on a pair of sexy red patent heels on first and get up and walk around. They fit like a glove. I can see George smile as he watches me strut sexily in the red shoes. He looks up and down my stocking clad legs and I walk over to him so that he can feel the shoes.

I try on 6 other pairs, all so sexy. I am struggling with choosing my favourite pair. The black patent peep toes fit perfectly but are similar to the ones I wore out today. The silver sparkly ones are gorgeous and princess like, the platforms are great fun, the strappy sandals not quite so practical, the spike heels stunning, The purple satin shoes have the most sexy bow at the front, I could go on! And the more I walk around, the more I see on the shelves! Shoe heaven!

I do remember George had the biggest smile when I tried on the red patent heels, so I tried them on again. The absolutely fitted like a glove. They were stunning. I sashayed around the shop and felt a million dollars. I was pretty sure these were the shoes. I walked over to George and he said that I really must have these shoes. He leant down and looked admiringly at my feet. He walked over to the counter and paid for the red shoes. He insisted I kept them on so that he could see me wear them until we parted company. It was fabulous for me as I had just been bought the sexiest shoes and George was thrilled as I had made him really happy that day.

I promised him that I’d put some pictures of me in my sexy shoes on my site in his honour! See them here