I will wear the same stockings and think about my peeping tom and what he saw me doing

I don’t know why young ladies have to deny that they masturbate, we all do it! I love masturbating, especially when I am wearing a sexy new pair of stockings. I probably masturbate at least once a day and my panties are nearly always moist. Sometimes, the smallest thought will make me feel really turned on. Sometimes, I like to masturbate and pleasure myself when all I have on is a sexy pair of heels!

This particular time I was just feeling really sexy and my pussy was aching to be played with. I had just showered and put on a sexy pair of black stockings which I had bought earlier that day. They were fully fashioned and so silky. I also had on a pair of black heels and a matching set of black Myla lingerie.

I couldn’t stop thinking of naughty things, I just had to masturbate there and then. I sat down at my dining table an slid my fingers inside my panties. My pussy was already really wet and my fingers easily slid inside myself. I was really enjoying sliding my fingers in and out of my pussy and rubbing my throbbing clitoris. I was thinking really dirty thoughts and really wanted a big cock to suck. I was thinking of the film ‘The Secretary’ and thinking of the part where the secretary gets cum all over her back.

I was thinking of a gentleman in a smart suit seducing me in my sexy underwear and bringing me to orgasm with his tongue. I orgasmed again and again until I was dripping wet. I re-adjusted my now soaking wet panties and got up from the chair and walked over to the window. I looked out into the garden and realized I had a peeping tom! I would say he was about 50. He hadn’t noticed me walk over to the window as he was furiously wanking himself and had his eyes closed ready to cum. Right at the wrong moment for him, he looked up to find me watching him. He came all over himself and quickly ran off pulling up his trousers. If maybe I had noticed him while I was masturbating, I may have invited him in!

No wonder he was playing with himself! He’d caught me in some gorgeous black underwear and heels and my sexiest stockings and satin suspender belt!

The next time I masturbate, I will wear the same stockings and think about my peeping tom and what he saw me doing! See what happens next at my premium site