Ordering my new stockings

It was a  Sunday morning and a really drizzly, dull day. Normally on a Sunday, I might pop into town for a leisurely look around the shops, or I might take myself out for coffee and a read of the Sunday newspapers or I might lunch with friends but today, I had made plans to spend some time ordering some new stockings.

I took a lovely, long hot shower and dressed. I put on  some plain white underwear, a white suspender belt and a pair of nude, fully fashioned stockings with sexy seams at the back. I put on a white, slouchy jumper and even though I  wasn’t going out, I put on a pair of heels. I love to wear heels,  as it makes me feel sexy and it makes my legs feel and look really long and lean.

I made myself a cup of espresso coffee and put on my laptop in the conservatory. I sat down with my espresso and waited a minute or so for my laptop to boot up. As I drank my coffee, I looked out into the garden and watched the rain trickling down the glass of the conservatory. I was glad not to be going out today, sometimes I love to slouch around the house on my own.

I tapped my password into my laptop and  went online. First of all I checked my e-mails and then went straight to Stockings Hq. A fabulous place to buy stockings!

As soon as I arrived at the website, I had already found two pairs of stockings which I just had to have, they were in the clearance section and  they  weren’t being made anymore so really were must buys. One pair was a nude pair with a Cuban heel and the other had a really pretty lace design  on the stocking tops.

I always go to the sale section as you just never know what you might find. Once, I found a pair of exquisite stockings, a perfect fit and fully fashioned for just a couple of pounds! Very rare these days to find cheap stockings! Normally the kind that I buy more than anything cost at least twenty five pounds a pair. That’s why it’s good to treat them with care, you want to get as much wear out of a pair as possible.

The next type  of stocking I put in my shopping basket was more of a golden colour, very summery, with a seam at the back in a slightly darker colour and this type of stocking always comes in a handy pack of three with a free satin pouch for storage of the third stocking. This brand is fantastic to wear on a night out or to take to work because you just keep the pouch in your handbag just in case of  a disastrous ladder!

This also reminds me to purchase some ladder spray. This comes in a handbag  sized  spray can  and you use it if you have a ladder or a snag in your stocking and  the spray stops the ladder from worsening.

The next stop is the branded stocking  section. I type in Gerbe and I see in front of me some of my absolute favourites, some are so expensive. I like this brand as they seem to always feel like a second skin and are so sheer, that apart from the seam, they  seem invisible. They make your legs look flawless.

I  then put two pairs of very sexy black stockings. These are Cervin stockings and are perfect for a sexy night out. I always get compliments from male friends when I wear these. They are really silky and very sheer. I am always extra careful not to put these on too quickly as I would hate to snag these!

I buy a few everyday pairs of stockings as it is always handy to have lots of these. These are Aristoc and Pretty Polly stockings. Also for day wear, occasionally in the winter, I would wear pantyhose, so while I am shopping, I buy  a pair of black opaque 60 denier pantyhose for those chilly days and a pair of sheer nude and a pair of sheer black pantyhose.

It doesn’t take long to buy stockings when you know the size you’re looking for, as I’m a popular size, sometimes you have to wait for the stockings to come back into stock, but not too often. There always seem to be an abundance of really big sizes in stock. Do large ladies not like wearing stockings I wonder?
I know that I still have lots of stockings to browse, but I can’t go too wild with my credit card and I still have to find a new suspender belt. I do have to look at the Falke stockings though.  These are a German brand and really good quality.
I put a couple of pairs in my basket. I purchase a pair of black hold ups with lace tops and  also  some ‘luxury diamond stockings’ these are just so silky, even I can’t resist running my hands up and down my legs in these! Oh no, I found another pair of gorgeous Falke stockings, these are fifteen pounds and are really elegant and have a peacock feather design on the satin tops. I can’t wait to show you these!

If any of you lovely men out there want to buy me a gift, you can always visit the stockings hq website and I will wear the pair of your choice on my website! Hint Hint!

Before I literally spend a fortune, I visit the suspender section.

I put three in my basket. One is a white everyday suspender belt which is satin, has a little bow at the front and has six straps with metal clasps. The second is a very sexy, very expensive black lace, fetish suspender belt which is very wide and has eight straps with metal clasps and the third purchase is a  shocking pink suspender belt with gorgeous straps all have a covering of lace, just a little bit different to what I might usually buy, though it still has the metal clasps which I love.

Right, I head to the checkout and  get my credit card out of my handbag. I use the gold card and pay for my bits and pieces. I won’t tell you how much I just spent!!

I logout and switch off my computer quickly as I know I have the shopping bug now and could quite easily spend a small fortune.

I put my laptop away for the rest of the day and wonder what I’ll do with the rest of my day. It is still raining outside. Mmmm, maybe I’ll get the laptop back out?

No, I am going to be a good girl, I head upstairs to my dressing room and decided to make some room for my lovely new stockings. I will have a stocking trying on session and see if I can part with any old ones! I’ll let you know when my delivery from Stockings Hq arrives!!