Spanked by the photocopier salesman

It was what I thought, just an average day in the office. I arrived wearing my usual officy type clothes. I had on a very short, smart blue pinstripe skirt and jacket with a crisp white blouse underneath. I was also wearing my trademark fully fashioned nude stockings and a satin suspender belt which held them up with metal clasps and obviously I had on a sexy pair of high heels.

I had done a little internet shopping and ordered myself a couple of new pairs of stockings and made myself a strong cup of coffee. I was the first to arrive at the office so could take it easy for a while. The boss arrived a while later and gave me a wink. He said I looked sexy as usual and told me what he’d expect me to do that day. He gave me a list of the usual trivia which included popping into the city to drop off some papers at the solicitors and post an important document and pick up his lunch. He also said that the photocopier salesman was coming in to check on the photocopier we’d just had installed.

If I remember rightly, the photocopier salesman was quite a sexy young guy and we had flirted quite heavily when he installed the photocopier.

I had done most of the jobs I had been set for the morning but rushed back to the office to meet my appointment with Mr sexy Photocopier salesman.

I arrived at the office and found an older man sitting at my desk. He said he was from the photocopier firm and had come instead of Paul (the sexy guy) well, the replacement salesman wasn’t half as sexy. He was much older and really quite strict looking.

We went into the copying room where he was being a real bore. I usually love it when someone new comes into the office, it really cheers me up. I made him coffee and tried general chat to try to break the ice a little but he was still a right bore. I thought I would make him laugh by photocopying my bottom. He wasn’t looking when I lifted up my skirt to reveal my stocking tops and suspender belt. I sat on the photocopier and pressed start, I made the perfect copy of my perfect bottom. I gave the copier man my picture and he was appalled! He said I was abusing the equipment and didn’t see the funny side at all! I made another copy of my bottom and laughed thinking I would just get out of there and get back to doing some work but he looked me right in the eye and said he’d spank me for being so naughty!

This was just silly behaviour and I thought he was joking! He wasn’t joking. He grabbed my arm and made me bend over next to the photocopier and say sorry for being a naughty girl! Well, potentially, we could both get quite excited by this so I apologised for being so naughty. He then rolled his sleeve up and began to spank my bottom! He lifted up my skirt and pulled my white panties down to my knees and spanked my bottom again, and again and again!

It really hurt and I was sure to have big red patches on my cheeks. He made me repeat the words he said and I had to say sorry over and over again and my bottom was spanked again and again with his big hands. He stopped in between spanking me and touched my thighs and moved his hands over my stocking tops and suspender clasps. I could feel him shaking as I was bent over and realised that he was wanking his cock while looking at my bottom and the sexy stockings I was wearing while I was bent right over in front of him.

He finally orgasmed and he came all over my bottom. He left really quickly to aviod any sort of confrontation with my boss. He was obviously embarrassed and just wanted to get away.

I pulled my panties back up and pulled my skirt back into place. I walked over to my desk and tried t sit down. My bottom was so sore! I sat for a little while and thought to myself that the replacement salesman was quite exciting after all visit me here to read more stocking stories