Take a look at my feet in and out of stockings

Do you like ladies feet? What about a ladies toes? I bet you love feet. If you are very nice to me, I may let you suck my feet and toes. Would you like that? I bet you would. Now the question is. Would you prefer to suck my toes and feet while I am wearing stockings? Or would you prefer to suck my toes and feet while while I have no stockings on? I like both, I like men sucking my bare feet and toes and I also like men sucking my feet and toes when I have stockings on. So here I am in these pictures giving you both options. My toes in stockings and my toes bare. So let me know which you prefer.The added and very naughty twist to these stockings pictures is that I am not wearing any panties. So as a pull these stockings up my legs you need to keep your eyes on my legs and no where else, otherwise you might get a peek where you should not be looking.