Sexy stocking tops revealed at the races

It was a Saturday and I was going to spend the day at the races. I was going with a couple of my girlfriends and we were all going to dress up for the occasion. I had bought a gorgeous new summer dress recently especially for the event. I also bought some sexy new heels and a really over the top corsage.

I had planned what underwear I was going to wear as well and of course stockings too. My dress was just above the knee and was a sexy tight Roland Mouret dress in midnight blue. The stockings were a summery pair which were nude and really silky. My underwear was all black lace and I had a matching suspender belt.

I got up that morning and had a really long relaxing bubble bath and gave myself ages to get ready. My friends would be coming round and then we’d get a taxi to the racecourse.

I got out of my bubble bath, dried myself and rubbed some Chanel body lotion all over my soft warm body. I put on a spritz of matching perfume then put on my sexy new underwear, suspender belt and stockings. I clipped the stockings to the lace suspender belt then put on my heels. I always put on my heels straight away as I absolutely hate to get a ladder!

I applied some subtle make up and blow dried my hair and right at the last minute pulled my stunning new dress over my head. I looked in the mirror and loved what I saw. It’s such fun going to the races with girlfriends as you can get really competitive with what you decide on wearing. I love to know who’s wearing what designer. It is also good fun to look at ladies who are wearing totally the wrong dress! Haha!

I don’t understand ladies that come to events like this and look really tarty. Some seem to have really horrible orange tanned legs too. I prefer to look as natural as possible and wear very sexy stockings.

My friends arrive and we head off. They both look stunning and have chosen really sexy dresses. They are both really envious of my shoes and admire my fully fashioned stockings.

Once we arrive at the races, we get settled in and absorb the atmosphere. We get chatting to some young men that are sitting near us and one of them brings us some champagne. We chat with them and exchange tips on which horses to go for. I get chatting to a sexy guy called Charlie who keeps complimenting me on how stunning I look and how the dress matches the colour of my blue eyes. He also says that he finds ladies that wear stockings a tremendous turn on. After a chat that gets a little steamy, he rushes off and returns a few minutes later with a ticket for me. He has placed a bet for me on a horse which he thinks is going to win. You’ll never believe it, but the horse did win!! The race was so exciting and I had just won some money! I decided that with my win, I had to repay Charlie!

I thought that he would be really grateful for a little flash. While the others were busy getting to know each other a little better, I was busy seducing Charlie. I would give him lots of sneaky flashes up my skirt so that he could see my black lace panties and my stocking tops. He loved my little show and he sexily whispered in my ear that he especially loved that he could see the metal clasps on my suspender belt and how they held up my fully fashioned stockings. I told him to go ahead and feel the seam that ran up the back of my leg. It was a real turn on to be whispering in each others’ ears and to be slightly tipsy on the champagne.

It seemed like we had only been at the races for a couple of hours, but It was soon time to go home. We had been eating strawberries and drinking champagne and had all had a win on the horses. Charlie sneakily put his hand up my skirt and I wandered what he was about to do!!! While all eyes were elsewhere, he slid the money he’d bet on the horse for me inside my stocking top. How sexy was that!

We all said goodbye and headed for home. My girlfriends and I had a great giggle on the way home chatting about our fabulous day. I got home and took off my dress and got ready to unwind for the evening. I took out the money from my stocking top and also found a little note with it. It read: to a very sexy lady, hope to see you again, Charlie and then his phone number. I might call him again, what do think? Then visit me at my site here