I rubbed the tip of the stocking with my toe

Do you like looking at panties? I know you do, you dirty pervert. I bet you are always trying to look up my skirt. Men always are. They love it when I am wearing white cotton panties. Even if they only get a passing glimpse. But today I am going to give you much more than a glimpse. I am going to let you have a good look at my panties. Would you like that? Would you like me to play with my panties. Pulling these cotton white panties up my shaved pussy, making them all wet? After I I put on a pantie play show for you, would you like to remove my panties and smell them? I often give strangers my panties for them to carry around in their pockets, so they can wank over them later. If I met you, I could give you a pair of my used panties, would you like that? You could put them in the top of your suit jacket and pretend they are a handkerchief?