Flirting and Flashing my panties and stockings at the builders

I do love to flirt and there are some very sexy looking young builders who are working on a site not too far from where I live.

I had been thinking about some sexy chat with one of these builders and it got me so turned on that I started to masturbate thinking about what our sexy chat could lead to.

I thought about lots of very naughty things and after just a few minutes of masturbating, I had a very powerful orgasm. It took me a while to recover after that! I got up from my bed and decided that the next day I would walk down to the building site and actually do some of the naughty things that I had been thinking of!

I planned exactly what to wear, from my sexy new dress to my silkiest stockings.

The next day I woke up quite excited and had a long hot shower. I dried myself in a white fluffy towel, moisturised my entire body in a sexy Chanel scent and put on some matching black lace underwear.

I selected my favourite silky stockings and a black lace/satin suspender belt with metal clasps. I put on a very girly floral dress (as if butter wouldn’t melt!) and some very sexy black mules.

I left the house with a big smile on my face thinking about flirting with the sexy suntanned builders. It was a gorgeous summers day but it was a little windy. Another little something I could use to my advantage. The dress that I was wearing could easily match that famous Marilyn Monroe moment where her skirt blows up and reveals her underwear.

I got to the building site and sure enough, the builders were all standing around and watching the sexy women walk by. I walked past and as I heard the wolf whistles, I turned round and smiled. Most women are really funny when they are whistled at and most seem to ignore it.

I love it and it makes me feel so sexy. As I turn round, my skirt blows right up and instead of shyly brushing it down again, I leave it blowing in the wind as the builders get a great leg show. You should have seen the looks on their faces as they saw my sexy black underwear and stocking clad legs! The one I thought I’d flirt outrageously said he’d love to feel my suspender clasps.

With that, I walked over to him and suggested that we go somewhere a little more private so that I could fulfil his wish.

We went to a half finished building and told him to sit while I took off my dress. He said the other guys would be so outrageously jealous that they weren’t there too. So who knows, maybe if there is a next time, I’ll do a little striptease for them all!

I lifted my dress sexily over my head and let the builder have a good look at me in my underwear and as he put his hands on my thigh, let his fingers feel the metal clasps and the outline of my pussy. Just him doing this could have made me orgasm but I had to pretend that I was there to please him and not myself.

He soon became very hard and I could no longer resist sucking him.

I unzipped his jeans and took his fabulous length in my mouth. It took him only a minute or so until his load emptied right down the back of my throat. I swallowed every last drop. While he composed himself, I put on my dress and gave him a smile. As I turned and walked away, he whistled once more as my dress blew up again in the wind.

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