Flashing the washing machine repair man my stockings

It was laundry day and I had just finished placing my stockings in the washing machine. I turned the machine on to it’s most delicate cycle and  went off to have a bath. I ran my bath and put in some of my favourite bubbles. I took off my silk dressing gown and stepped into my lovely, hot, bubbly bath. I lay for ages amongst the bubbles and enjoyed the peace and quiet while I planned the rest of my day in my head. I planned what to wear and what I would do. I thought as It was such a lovely sunny day, I would wear a really girly summery dress and some new satin feel stockings I’d just bought the day before. I would wear them with white lingerie and a white satin suspender belt with lace straps. I would arrange to meet my best friend and we would head off to the shops and spend, spend, spend!! I really wanted a dress I had spotted in a shop a couple of days ago, so hopefully, If it’s still there, try it on. I got out of my bath and patted my body dry with a lovely, soft white bath towel. I applied lots and lots of my favourite body lotion and then put on my underwear and my  new satiny feel stockings and white satin suspender belt. I stopped what I was doing for a second as I heard a really weird noise. It sounded like water spilling. I couldn’t think what It might be and couldn’t work out where it was coming from but went into the bathroom in case I had left a tap on or something. Nothing wrong in the bathroom, I listened again and it was definitely coming from downstairs. I put on my fluffy pink slippers so that I wouldn’t ladder my stockings and dashed downstairs. Oh my goodness!!! There was bubbly water all over the kitchen floor. It was pouring out of the washing machine. I turned off the machine and tried to open the door so that I could rescue my stockings. The door was jammed shut and my stockings were in there immersed in water. Water was still spilling onto the kitchen floor so I had to start mopping it up. What a great way to spend a Saturday! I finished mopping up all the soapy water which took absolutely ages and turned on my laptop. I googled a list of plumbers and eventually found a couple of emergency plumbers in my area. I phoned one number and there was no reply. The next I dialled answered. I told him my predicament but he wasn’t all that keen on coming out on a Saturday. I was desperate so begged him and told him I would make it worth his while. He told me he’d e round in 10 minutes. I dashed upstairs and put on a different dress to the one I had planned on wearing. This one was a very short, tight pink dress, very provocative looking. I applied some lipgloss and a pair of very high heels. I went downstairs and waited for the plumber to arrive. Finally, after about half an hour, there was a knock at the door. I opened the door to the plumber and asked him to follow me upstairs. I sexily walked upstairs in front of the plumber and wiggled my bottom as I walked. He commented on my sexy rear and told me I had fabulous legs. I made him tea and gave him chocolate biscuits. I sat on a chair opposite him and watched while he got to work. He was actually a lovely guy and really quite sexy. I really started to flirt with him and when I realised he was married, flirted with him even more. He wasn’t very close to fixing my washing  machine but he knew what the problem was. I told him that I was a little concerned for the welfare of the silk stockings inside and was worried they would shrink or lose their colour. He said he’d open up the machine as soon as he drained the excess water away and was sure they’d be fine. He asked me loads of questions about why I wore stockings and stuff like that and he said he wished his wife wore them. He said they were really sexy. He asked if I was wearing a pair now. I didn’t reply to this question but I made it very clear to him that I was wearing stockings by flashing him every now and then. I would sit in different positions on my chair and flash different angles of my sexy stocking clad legs and let him get a glimpse of my suspender straps and metal clasps. I flashed my knickers too and pushed out my breasts really obviously. I walked over to where he was working and pretended to be interested in him fixing my washing machine but really I would just press myself up against him really provocatively so that he could feel my hard nipples against him or so that he could see right down my top. He also saw me bend over numerous times in front of him and kept saying what an amazing figure I had and how sexy stockings looked on a lady. He asked if he could feel the silky stocking on my legs. I said of course, but not until he rescued my precious, wet stockings from the machine. Eventually, the machine door was unlocked. A little more water trickled out. The plumber handed me the soaking wet stockings and I quickly tended to them. They were luckily all ok and I put them to one side and would hang them out when the plumber finished his work. He asked again if he could look at my sexy legs a little more closely. I moved the chair right up next to him and gave him my legs to play with. He moved his manly hands up and down my legs feeling how silky my stockings felt and he took off my heels. He said he loved feet and caressed mine in their stockings. He unclipped a metal clasp accidentally but then unclipped them all, he took off a stocking really carefully and felt just how soft my leg felt. He said he loved the fact that the suspender straps were left dangling waiting to be attached to a silk stocking. He finished repairing my washing machine and said he would have to go straight away or he would get carried away and being  a married man, he wanted to stay faithful. I agreed and asked him how much I owed him for the work. He kindly said I had done enough and so didn’t  need to pay him any money. He left and I felt quite satisfied I had pleased someone and got a kick out of being an exhibitionist and didn’t even need to pay him for repairing my broken washing machine! I wonder what might have happened if he had of stayed a while longer….Hmmm, I may stay at home and think about that….all by myself!!!!!

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