Flashing the elderly neighbour my stockings and much more

It was a really sunny day and I had just put out my stockings to dry on the washing line. As usual my elderly neighbour Fred was at his window looking out at me and looking at the wonderful array of stockings on my washing line.

I waved to Fred and beckoned him to open the window. He’s a bit deaf, so I shouted over to him to pop in for a cup of coffee with me. He looked really excited and slammed shut his window and within a couple of minutes, he was ringing my doorbell.

I opened the door to see a very excited looking Fred standing there waiting to be asked in. I ushered him inside and walked up the steps into my house very slowly so that I knew he would get a good look up my skirt. I was wearing a very sexy little floral skirt and underneath, I had on some pink full backed panties with a pink lace suspender belt on which was holding up my new, sheer, Gerbe stockings. I heard him gasp as he must have seen my bottom wiggle as I walked up the steps and he must have seen the metal clasps holding up my fully fashioned stockings and the sexy outline of my bottom.

Fred followed me into my lounge and I told him to make himself comfortable. I bent over right in front of him and picked up a couple of cushions. I made sure he saw a little more up my skirt as I picked them up and then place them behind him and made him feel right at home. As I placed the cushions behind him, I got really close and pushed my breasts right in front of his face. I just had on a skimpy vest top on and cheekily wasn’t wearing a bra underneath! I could see his excitement as he watched me potter around and I’m sure he realised I was putting on a little show for him.

I went into the kitchen and made us some coffee. I gave Fred his drink and sexily sauntered over to my chaise longue. I lay on my side to start with and as we chatted about this that and the other, I shifted every now and then so that Fred got varied views of up my skirt, at my sexy stocking tops and at the metal clasps which held them up. I got a real kick out of pleasuring him and flashing him little glimpses of my panties. The pink panties were ever so slightly see through and you could just make out, If you looked hard, my pussy lips. I could see Fred covering up his cock with his hands and I could make out quite easily just how turned on he was. Aren’t I a naughty girl! Such a flirt.
I made sure that my conversations were always a little on the sexy side too, and kept talking about my stockings. I told him the kind of stockings I like to wear and why I prefer suspenders with metal clasps and why I love to wear stockings so much.

I told Fred how I love to gently wash all my stockings and as I hang them on the washing line to dry I like to take stock of which pairs I have worn through the week and what happened when I wore them and if I had been on a date and If my date was lucky enough to see me in them or even feel them.
I got up after flashing at Fred several times and told him as he was such a special neighbour, he could maybe take the stockings that I was wearing home with him as a reminder of his morning with me chatting and drinking coffee and of course all the flashing that I had been doing, though I didn’t mention the flashing. I think It’s always best to just pretend that I wasn’t doing it on purpose though we obviously both know otherwise!

I told Fred he could feel up and down my sexy legs and see how the stockings felt and fitted me like gloves. He looked overjoyed and started to feel just how silky they felt. He loved to run his hands up and down and to feel the metal clasps. He even very cheekily ran his fingers over my pussy and my bottom cheeks. I could even feel myself getting a little moist down there!

Fred unclipped one of the clasps, then another, then the other and very, very slowly and very carefully so as not to snag my stocking, he rolled it all the way down my leg. I could feel his hot breath on my now bare leg and realised just how close he was. He was very gentle and lifted my foot and slid off my high heel and then carefully peeled the stocking from my smooth foot. I put my heel back on and turned round so that he could take off my other stocking. Again, he unclipped the three metal clasps and slowly and very carefully rolled down the other stocking. He removed my heel and the stocking and put on my other heel for me, he liked the way I stood in heels and bare legs but the suspender straps still dangling underneath my skirt. He smelled the stockings and closed his eyes as he breathed in the sexy scent of me. He put them in his pocket and was so grateful. I am so naughty sometimes and bent over towards him so that my breasts were pushed right into his arm. I whispered to him that if he wanted, he could watch me take off my panties in front of him too. Of course he didn’t say no, so I stood up, really close to him in between his legs. I turned round and bent over so that he could see my bottom. I gave a cheeky little wiggle and slid down my panties over my thighs and over my knees and let them fall to my ankles. I picked them up and turned around again and smiled.

I could see now that Fred couldn’t hide his excitement anymore as his cock was very prominent indeed! He got up and said thanks for a lovely morning and quickly left. I think I knew what he was going to do when he got home!! Naughty Fred. I felt good knowing that I had made an old man very happy! I love it that I’m such a tease too!!

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