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angels in stockings is a new stockings blog and this is what they say about me

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

Angels in stockings features stockings wearing women like me. If you like this sort of blog post then visit angels in stockings here. “Its lunch time and pretty much everyone in the office has gone out to get something to eat apart from you, sitting at your desk finishing up some important work that needs to be done now, but your mind as dirty as it is can’t help drifting off to the idea of you being taken over your desk. You look around and don’t see anyone around, your hand slides down over your breasts down to your thighs rubbing over your legs, you stand slightly and slip your skirt up your hips and expose your wet panties to the air as you sit back down spreading your legs wide, your fingers start to move over your panty clad pussy knowing you don’t have much time you have to go fast but that’s OK you could really do with that kind of sex right now. Using your right hand you slide your fingers inside your panties and massage your now juice soaked clit, your left hand moves over your white shirt grasping at your breasts squeezing them firmly as you slide a couple fingers inside your hot little pussy. Masturbating furiously you don’t notice the man stood in the doorway you look at him while as hands don’t stop touching your body you can’t stop not now not while your so close to that orgasm. He walks over to you unzipping his trousers pulling out a thick cock and puts a hand behind your head guiding you towards his groin, he smiles and winks at you, slowly as you look him straight in his eyes as your lips part opening wide, he moves his hips towards you the tip of his cock enters past your lips, slowly guiding your head forward until his entire cock is in your mouth still looking him in the eyes as your hands slide and grasp at your body, he moves his hips away slowly with his hand still behind your head he pushes your mouth deeply onto his cock. With his free hand he reached down to your breasts and squeezed your nipples through your white shirt as he pumped his cock into your mouth heightening his pleasure by teasing your body you hear him groan as you suck hard and flick your tongue around his cock. You feel so naughty sucking this strangers cock while he plays with your breasts and your own fingers deep inside your dripping little pussy, suddenly you feel your orgasm reaching its peak making you clamp down onto his cock having an effect he groans loudly, his cock begins to twitch in your mouth and a hot splash hits the back of your throat as he cums hard from your tongues actions, this in turn causes your own orgasm making you groan onto his spurting cock, minutes after you both clean up give each other a quick smile and leave, only thinking will you get to play again sometime soon.”

Look at my feet and panties in these fully fashioned stockings

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

Do you like feet? I know men who love to suck on a girls feet, do you like that? Would you like to suck my feet? What about feet in stockings? Would you like to suck and play with my feet and toes in stockings? I would like that a lot, I love having my stocking or any nylons covered feet massaged and played with. I love a mans or ladies in fact, firm grip on my toes and heels. Well if you like toes and feet I will show you mine, in this movie. I will let you have a good close up of my stocking covered feet and I will play with them while you watch. Imagine it was you playing with my feet. You could massage my toes and heel and suck and lick my toes. Before pulling my stockings off, pulling my stockings down my smooth leg, before getting my stockings in your teeth and pulling my stockings off. Then you could play with my bare feet and toes. Maybe even cum over them when you are ready. Watch the full length stockings and panty movie here

New blog dedicated to panties

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Panty Fetish Blog is a brand new panty fetish site, dedicated to woman in panties. I know you like looking up my skirt. Well at panty fetish blog you get to look up the skirts of many ladies. There is also panty play and of course ladies in nylons. Like in these panty and stockings pictures. A most see set of exclusive panty and lingerie pictures from the Angel of Tease. I love seeing a ladies panties around her ankles, especially if she is wearing high heel stiletto shoes, like Angel is wearing here. Angel loves to dress up in very sexy clothes before stripping them off of course. Like these sexy silk panties that Angel is wearing in these panty pictures that have been taken from her own personal amateur site. Visit Panty Fetish blog here


Video of me wearing members stockings

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

Is this dress too short? I think it is, because you can see my panties, when I bend over and my stocking tops and metal clasps. But I have decided to wear it anyway, while doing the ironing. I hope you like it? I love to make the most boring of jobs much more exciting, by putting on the video camera, putting on a sexy pair of black fully fashioned seemed stockings and giving you a flash at my panties. This stockings and up skirt movie is quite long, so you get to have a good long stare at my stocking covered legs. Do you like that? I hope you do, because I have put these black stockings on just for you. So you can sit back and watch me. I hope you enjoy watching me doing the house work, all dressed up for you. Do you? Let it be our little secret, I will get dressed up every time I do the house work and invite you in to watch. But keep your pants zipped, I wouldn’t want to turn around to catch you wanking over my legs, you naughty boy. To watch the full length movie visit sabrina Stockings


Sucking my black stocking toes and heels

Friday, March 6th, 2015

Do you like my feet? I bet you do. Do you prefer feet  covered in stockings or bare feet? Would you like to suck my feet through my stockings? When you have reinforced toes o, it makes the stockings so much thicker and so it ends up feeling like loads of silky cloth in your mouth. I know, I have sucked many women’s toes through stockings and pantyhose. I love not only sucking their toes but rubbing there legs and playing with the metal clasps on the suspender belt. But really I like it done to me more. I don’t mind if it is a woman or a man sucking my feet, I also love my bare toes being sucked, my stockings being slowly pulled down and taken off and my bare toes that have been in nylons all day, sucked and cleaned with a tongue. Would you like to do that? Would you enjoy taking my stockings off after I have been wearing them all day and cleaning my stockings and toes with your mouth and tongue?




In the park changing out of nude stockings

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

It was a really hot day and I had gone to the park on my lunch-break to make the most of the gorgeous weather. I was wearing a short blue miniskirt and a white blouse, some sexy new sunglasses and of course heels and stockings!

I got to the park and found somewhere nice to sit and read the newspaper. I sat down and after just a couple of minutes realised just how hot it had become.

I decided that It would be a good idea to take off my stockings and let the sun on my sexy legs. I took off my heels and I hitched up my skirt a little to reveal the metal clasps on my black suspender belt. I slowly unclipped the stocking top from the suspender belt and did the same on the other side. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see a man sitting on a bench reading a newspaper. At least that what he was pretending to do! I could tell he was actually watching me, so I decided to put on a little stocking show for him.

I hitched up my skirt a little more so that he could just see my white panties and the dangling suspender straps. His newspaper was just below his eyes and I could see that he was now watching intensely.

I very slowly and very seductively rolled down one of the stockings, over my knee, down to my ankle and over my foot and my painted toes. I took off the other stocking in the same fashion, really slowly taking care not to create a ladder. The other stocking slid off my toes and I placed both the stockings in my handbag.

I carefully unclipped my black suspender belt and sexily pulled it off through the top of my skirt. I drew my knees up to my chest and let the man who was meant to be reading, catch a nice long glimpse up my skirt and see my little white panties. I unbuttoned my blouse down to my cleavage so that he could also get a great glimpse of my breasts. I made sure that every now and then I would cross and uncross my legs so that he would get to see more of my panties.

I got really turned on knowing that he could see right up my skirt and really wanted to know how turned on he was. I looked over at him a couple of times while I reached into my handbag. I pulled out a strawberry flavoured lollipop and took off it’s wrapper. I took offf my sunglasses and deliberately looked right into the man’s eyes. He put his newspaper down now and watched me. I sucked on the lollipop while not taking my eyes off his. I licked it and sucked on it while pretending I was sucking his big cock.

I felt so turned on with him watching me that I could feel my panties getting wet. I could see the man watching me and wishing that I was sucking him off. I could see that his cock had grown very hard inside his trousers and If I didn’t have to get back to work so quickly, I’d love to suck him, but equally I do love to tease!

Still watching him and with the lollipop in my mouth, I got up, bent right over purposely in front of him so that he could see right up my skirt and that I was wearing a thong. I put each of my heels back on. I had to get back to work. As I left the park, I smiled and winked at the man and hoped I might see him there again. Next time, I might not be wearing any panties! want to see what happened next? Visit me at my premium members site

Watch me at work in stockings with a huge black dildo at my desk

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

There is something here for all, for those of you which choose to become humiliated about how little your own penis is, in that case this is for yourself. But should you merely enjoy seeing the dominant office slut at the office at her desk fucking their self using a massive dildo then this really is for yourself.

Watch as I push my knickers down and open my stocking covered hip and legs. You can see me open nice and wide while ramming this big dark prick into my damp shaved vagina. You will observe the way in which large dark tools helps make me personally.

Maybe you have any dominant secretary in the place of work whom enjoys to flash? I’ll guess the lady also prefers big charcoal penis and fantasizes about fucking all of them when using big toys at the woman’s workplace. You can watch this video in my premium members area. Join me now

Watch this video now in my premium members area

Look what is inside my summer dress, I have stockings, but do I have panties?

Sunday, February 1st, 2015

Although I love wearing short skirts, I also love summer dresses, sitting around with the straps falling down so gentlemen can see the top of my boobs and sometimes a little more. But I love wearing stockings at the same time, often with no panties to keep me cool. Do you like panties or no panties with stockings under a ladies summer dress? Would you like to see what I have under this dress today? I bet you would you dirty man. Shall I pull up my dress and show you what I have underneath then? Well if I pull up the dress slowly you can take a good look at my legs and stockings, as the dress rides my my nylons you can see the stocking tops and suspender belt straps. Do you like that? If you do, you can take a good look at my stocking tops and suspender belt clips, before I pull the dress right up to show you if I am wearing panties or not. Last chance to decide what you would prefer to see.




Shopping in London for stockings and while wearing stockings

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

I was going out for the evening with a new gentleman friend of mine and wanted to look really sexy. I decided to treat myself and take myself into London for a little shopping!

I got dressed in a summery dress which would be easy to slip on and off if I was trying on clothes and wore a white satin suspender belt and some sheer stockings. I put them on carefully as I didn’t want to ladder them and clipped them in place with the metal clasps. I slipped on some sexy black heels and was ready to head out for the day.

I had in mind where I wanted to go and what I was looking for. I had already got a dress at home which I would be wearing, I just needed a few accessories, a new pair of stockings, maybe a pair of shoes (another pair I hear you cry!!) and I wanted to have my hair styled.

I took the tube into London and arrived at my destination. First stop would be Harrods. They have the most amazing selection of lingerie and stockings and you’ll always find something that’s a little bit unusual. The last time I was shopping here, I picked up some fabulous Italian stockings which were thicker than the average and had a zigzag pattern. Perfect for wearing in the winter with knee high boots. I got a lot of comments when I wore them from men saying how sexy they looked.

I walked into Harrods and immediately went into the hosiery section. I could see the shelves so neatly stacked with hundreds of pairs of stockings. All different brands and varying prices. The pair I fell in love with cost around £40. Quite expensive but they’ll be worth it. I took them carefully out of their packaging and slipped one stocking over my hand. It felt so soft and so silky. They were fully fashioned stockings and almost black, a really sultry colour. The seam at the back was very definite and very dark. They would look perfect with my dress. I couldn’t’t wait to put them on tonight!

I wandered around the department store and as well as the stockings, I had picked out a little diamond hair grip for my hair. Just a tiny little diamond worn in the hair can look amazing. Though it was quite expensive, I’d be sure to wear it time and time again.

I paid for the stockings and the hair grip and decided to go outside, get a little fresh air and see what other shops I fancied browsing around. I walked past one of my favourite shoe shops trying so hard not to go in, but I couldn’t resist, It was like a magnet to me, drawing me in, closer and closer. I walked through the doors and looked around me at some amazing shoes. I was drawn to a pair of black patent heels with a slingback strap. They were really high and had a little platform. I picked up one of the shoes and examined it. It felt so well made and I love the trademark red soles. It was my size so I tried it on. I knew I’d like it and I knew they would be perfect and I knew that I would really want them. I shouldn’t thing about buying them….they are almost £500. The sales assistant told me I looked fabulous in them and without even trying on the other shoe I was sold! He bought over the other shoe and I slipped it on. I walked up and down slowly and felt wonderful. Oh no! I bought them! I really shouldn’t spend so much money on shoes but I can’t help it!

Right, I had to walk away from the shops now before I go bankrupt!

I decided to have lunch and then get my hair styled. My appointment was in an hour so I went to a sushi bar opposite the hair salon, ate Sashimi and watched the world go by outside. I had my hair styled in a forties style and it looked amazing. I couldn’t wait to get home now and finish getting ready for my date.

I arrived home and had a lovely long soak in the bath with lots of Molton Brown bubbles. I love bathing before a night out especially If I have been on my feet all day, It’s so relaxing. I love the feel of the silky bubbles on my wet skin.

I got dressed that evening and sipped on a glass of champagne and got so excited as I slipped on my black satin dress. My hair still looked perfect and the hair grip looked very glamorous. I put on the stockings just a couple of minutes before my friend was due to arrive as I was so worried I might ladder them. That would be disastrous! I pulled each stocking really slowly over my knees and carefully arranged them so that the seams at the back were perfectly straight. I clipped them gently and admired them in the mirror. Wow! This is why I love stockings so much. They are so sexy, especially black ones. I don’t understand why ladies don’t wear them anymore. I feel like a princess in my outfit and the heels are amazing. I’m so glad I have a shoe fetish!

I answer the door to my gentleman friend who gasps when he sees me and tells me that I look beautiful. I felt like a Bond girl that evening and next time I’ll tell you all about my evening out! I definitely won’t forget it in a hurry! See what happened next at my premium site

Doing the gardenening in stockings and a summer dress

Saturday, January 17th, 2015

Ok, well not just gardening in stockings and suspenders, but I was wearing a sexy satin suspender belt and a pair of fully fashioned stockings underneath my little summer dress as I did the gardening.

I don’t normally do a lot of gardening, It’s not really me. I don’t really like the thought of getting dirty…(dirty, muddy, I mean!!)

It was a gorgeous day and I had on a gorgeous summer dress with no bra underneath. My elderly male neighbors are always watching out of their windows, I don’t think they have much else to do but when They see me in my little garden, they always sit down to watch me.

I was just doing a little weeding and it was so hot that I hadn’t noticed that my boobs had virtually popped out of my dress. My dress was short too, so when I bent down in it, I’m sure my neighbors were getting a great view of my bottom and the tops of my sexy stockings and the metal clasps holding them up! I think they really look forward to the days that I get in the garden so that they get some great shots up my skirt! I usually wear really brightly coloured panties just to make them more visible to the old chaps! I wonder if they like thongs or full backed panties?!

In fact, it was so hot and I had spotted two of my neighbors watching me. I decided to put on a short but sexy little show for them to brighten up the afternoon for them! I had sunglasses on so they they wouldn’t see that I had noticed them watching me. I put down my gardening tools and took off my shoes. Very slowly, I lifted up my dress and sexily unclasped the metal clasps on my left suspender and slowly rolled down the stocking over my knee and let it fall to my ankle. I carefully peeled it over my toes and repeated with the other stocking. I just did so very slowly. I looked up briefly and saw my male neighbors watching me intently. I put back on my shoes and then brushed my dress back into shape.

I had just realized that I had been putting on more of a show than I thought! My pert boobs had totally fallen out of my dress and as I had taken off my stockings, the men had seen my boobs jiggling up and down as I did so!

I had a little chuckle to myself and got on with my gardening. I love to put on a show for people. I am somewhat an exhibitionist don’t you think?! Well you can watch me now doing the gardening in this video, just like my neighbors do. To watch the full length movie visit sabrina Stockings


I rubbed the tip of the stocking with my toe

Saturday, December 27th, 2014

Do you like looking at panties? I know you do, you dirty pervert. I bet you are always trying to look up my skirt. Men always are. They love it when I am wearing white cotton panties. Even if they only get a passing glimpse. But today I am going to give you much more than a glimpse. I am going to let you have a good look at my panties. Would you like that? Would you like me to play with my panties. Pulling these cotton white panties up my shaved pussy, making them all wet? After I I put on a pantie play show for you, would you like to remove my panties and smell them? I often give strangers my panties for them to carry around in their pockets, so they can wank over them later. If I met you, I could give you a pair of my used panties, would you like that? You could put them in the top of your suit jacket and pretend they are a handkerchief?




Pantyhose and nylon foot play and upskirts

Sunday, December 21st, 2014

Would you like to watch me in the office taking my nylon hold up’s off? Under my black nylon hold up’s I am wearing a tanned pair of pantyhose. But I have no panties on. So if you look up my skirt you might get a glimpse of me without panties and just see my pussy through these pantyhose. I never wear panties with pantyhose because i like the way the nylon pantyhose rub against my balled pussy. Also I like to flash guys up my skirt and I know that they all prefer pantyhose with no panties. Don’t they? What do you like? Do you like ladies in pantyhose to wear panties or to be pantie less? I bet you like to see a pair of pantyhose without panties. I bet you love to look up a ladies skirt and see if you can see if she has panties or not. I know they guys in the office always try and look up my skirt anyway, but when I wear pantyhose I know they are trying to work out if I have panties on under the pantyhose or not. Well know you know. But no looking to closely. To watch the full length movie visit sabrina Stockings


kidnapped schoolgirl in bondage and white knee length socks and stockings

Monday, December 15th, 2014

I have been dressed up as a schoolgirl, with a white shirt and school tie and a black skirt and of course white panties. Plus a little twist for you, because although I know you like stockings, I think the schoolgirl uniform isn’t as sexy with some white knee length white socks. So what about both? What about stockings and knee length white socks? I have both on and I think they do look cute together. What do you think? In these pictures because I am tied up you can have a long good look up my skirt at my white panties. I have masking tape over my mouth so I can not scream for help. If you look carefully you might see being tied up in this schoolgirl uniform, stockings and socks has made me a little bit wet. What would you do for me if I was tied up in this uniform? wank over my little white panties up my skirt maybe? Keep a look out for a nipple slip, because I am tied up and struggling my nipples have come out of my blouse and because I am tied up I can’t put them back. I hope you don’t tweak my nipples.




How wearing stockings to work helps when the boss is annoyed

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

I checked my watch, I was late but what was new. Work started at nine and I tended to arrive about ten minutes after that but it wasn’t my fault, public transportation in this place is terrible. The bus was late or the taxi got caught in traffic, I know I could get up earlier but my bed is just too comfy for that.

Today I took the bus to work, but still had to walk a block to reach the office. The street was crammed with people all making their way to their office buildings and getting ready for the day ahead. I strutted as quickly as I could but the crowds were just too much so I swam with the fishes and took my time.

When I reached the office doors relief swept over me but that was soon shadowed with anxiousness as I saw the boss at the bottom of the stairs waiting for me. He looked angry but his face softened as soon as I got closer. He ordered me to his office, and I, the measly office temp obeyed his command.

I got to the office before he did and made myself comfortable on the guest seats. They were comfortable enough but not as comfy looking as his plush executive leather chair, it went back and forward and sideways too. I dashed up from my chair and ran around the desk to his, or rather I hobbled around the desk to his chair, my heels were too high for me to run in!

I saw down in his chair, the leather was cool against my black silk skirt and the chill seeped through the fabric till it reached my bottom. I lay back and crossed my legs, picking up a pen and twirled it at my mouth. I could get used to this, being the boss man, sitting in the big chair and ordering all the little temps around. Shame it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon, in saying that though I do love my job, travelling around different offices and meeting new people. Never in the same place for too long!

I heard the door knob click and before I could hobble back round to the side of the table that I should have been on the big scary boss man was through the door with his eyes glazing at me. Oops. He placed his hands on his hips and started to tap his feet, this wasn’t going to be good.

His mouth started to move and lecture me about my lateness and my blatant disregard for the rules but I was to busy staring at him, watching his perfectly sculpted lips move and his muscly chest flex when he shifted from side to side. I felt my nipples grow taught in my white silk bra and my arousal started to seep through into my panties. They were silk, my wetness was going to stain!

I stood up from his chair, feeling my sheet white, seamed stockings rub against each other, and walked towards him. I put my hand up to my hair and looked up at him with my big round eyes and pleaded how sorry I was. My hand started to drop from my hair down the curves of my body till it got to the bottom of my skirt where I rubbed the silk in between my fingers, all the while pleading with him not to complain to the agency, a girl like me couldn’t afford to live without my cushy temp job…

His face softened and his eyes dipped to my fingers as they caressed my skirt, slightly drawing it up and revealing my Lacy stocking tips and metal garter clips. His eyes snapped back up into his head and he looked back at my face, sweat starting to form on his brow. I smiled as innocently as I could, my eyes doing that “I’m a helpless little girl” look that all we women seem to be capable of.

He stopped staring and walked around me to his chair, shaking his head. He warned me not to be late again and just let me of with the oral warning. I was a lucky girl. I thanked him with my most sweetest voice and trotted out of his office towards my desk. Another day, another escape! I’m glad I have legs, breasts and those puppy dog eyes of mine! See what happens next at my premium site sabrinas stockings

Watch me cutting the hedge in the garden in a loose summer dress and stockings.

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

I really need to cut the hedge down a bit. It is stopping the neighbors watching me sunbathing in the garden. But I have no tools obviously, so I use a pair of scissors, which takes me ages and so gives me plenty of time to bend over and flash my stockings and garter belt. I have no panties on so any up skirt shots you can see, you get to see more than you should. The problem with this dress is that I am not wearing a bra and so not only do you and of course my neighbors get lots of down blouse shots, my boobs also sometimes fall out of this dress. Did you notice? Do you think the neighbors will notice? I know that the mature gentleman who lives in the apartment above mine notices, because he sits at his window and watches me. So as a special treat for him and you of course, I let my boobs fall out of this summer dress. I hope you are not wanking while watching them fall out. I know that the mature gentleman who lives above me does. I know he loves watching me in the garden and often wanks while watching me giving him up skirt flashes. If you loves in the same apartments as me, would you watch me? I hope so. You can watch me now. When I bend over I will let my boobs fall out so you can see them. Would you like that?




In the garden in a summer dress, changing my stockings

Monday, December 8th, 2014

Watch me in this video in the garden, changing my fully fashioned stockings. This is a long summer dress and so I have to pull it up to my waste so I can unfasten then suspender clips. Watch as I roll these nylon stockings down my legs and roll a new pair up my legs. As you can see these stockings have a ladder in them, that I got while doing some gardening. Even though I am just gardening, I still can’t be seen wearing stockings with ladders in them. I know the gentlemen next door likes to watch me in the garden and loves to see me bending over when gardening. So I need to make sure that the stockings I am wearing do not have a ladder in them. I wouldn’t want him to see me flashing him, not unless I am at my very best. But today because it is so hot I am not wearing any panties. Do you think he will notice that I don’t have any panties? Would you notice that I do not have any panties when I am flashing him up my skirt? You can see I have no panties on in the upskirt shots in this video when I am changing my stockings. Do you like it when I don’t wear panties? Or do you prefer pantie up skirts? To watch the full length movie visit sabrina Stockings


Changing stockings in the kitchen in a mandarin dress

Monday, December 1st, 2014

Well I have been working hard doing the housework and cleaning the kitchen and so my stockings have got all hot and sweaty. Well what is a girl to do? I can’t very well walk around all day in sweaty stockings now can I? So I will have to change these tanned coloured stockings and replace them with a nice black pair of stockings. Watch as I pull these stockings up my smooth shaved legs and clip them to my suspender belt with these metal clips. This Mandarin dress is so short that even when I am standing up the up skirt shots you get up my dress are very revealing. I make sure you can see my panties and my stocking tops. So it becomes even more revealing when I have to try and discretely change my stockings. Do you like to watch a lady putting her stockings on? I hope you do as I love you watching me putting on my stockings. To watch the full length movie visit sabrina Stockings


playing in my bra and stockings

Saturday, November 29th, 2014

In these pictures I do a little more than flash my panties in the garden. Of course that should be enough for you. You should be more than happy that I let you look up my skirt at my panties and stocking tops. Especially such nice panties and fully fashioned stockings as I am wearing for you today. Well you have been a good boy so today I have decided to let you look at my breasts. Would you like that? Would you like to see my breasts? Would you like to watch me squeezing my breasts with my hands and finger nails? Would you like me to play with my nipples and get them all erect for you. Would you like that? What do you like best looking at my panties and stocking covered legs, or my breasts? Of course you like looking at my stockings and panties more. But as a treat you can just this once have a wank looking at my breasts. You are very privileged, because only my most favourite and rich gentlemen friends get the chance to look at my breasts.




Wench taking off her stockings, playing in stockings and tied up in stockings

Friday, November 28th, 2014

I love taking off my stockings and love the way the nylon feels on my legs as I roll down my nylons. Watch me taking off my stockings and playing with them. These are fully fashioned stockings with a cuban heel.


My submissive side loves being tied up by a man. Wearing this wench uniform for a bit of extra role play really ads to the excitment of being dominated and tied up by a man wearing fully fashioned nylons and a black suspender belt. I even have some nylons stuffed in my mouth to keep me from making a sound.


watch me take my panties off and trying to cover myself up and keep my modesty just by using these two fans. Not always succeeding too I might add, lol. Not only do you get to see more than you should, but you also get to see my fully fashioned nylon tops.


Black fishnet stockings

Monday, November 24th, 2014

Would you like me to come around and do your cleaning? I bet you would, you naughty boy if I was wearing these black fully fashioned stockings, these high heel shoes and wearing a short mandarin dress as short as this? I love these little pink shoes, they go so well with black stockings, don’t you think? They also go well with these pink panties I am wearing. Which you can see when I am bending over cleaning the floor. Because this blue mandarin dress is so short. Probably too short, what do you think? Is this little dress too short? It is so short you can see my panties and stocking tops. Well it is way to short to go out in, but if I am cleaning for a gentlemen friend it is just the right length. Watch me as I rub myself through these panties with this mop. The long hard mop rubbing my wet pussy through these little panties. Watch as I crouch down with my legs open and rub up and down on this hard mop handle.





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