Just toes & feet

Just my toes in these pictures, no stockings, no shoes, not lingerie, just my toes and feet. A set for the feet and toe lovers and fetishists. Lots of close ups of my painted toes and feet, including my bare…
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Panties and black boots

These black stocking were bought for me by a gentleman friend, who loves me in panties and boots, these panties are from Agent Provocateur and are really cute and small. These black satin panties just about cover my wet pussy…
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selfies of me

Time for more selfies. All these pictures I take from my phone usually when I am alone and bored and tweeting, but sometimes when I am in sessions etc. I like to add them on my site for those that…
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Taking off my fishnet stockings in a club

I had been invited out to the opening of a trendy new London club and was really looking forward to going. I would be accompanied by a gay friend of mine who really loves going to clubs. He is a…
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Hoovering the stairs in heels

When staying in town I stay in the town house I have. Obviously I have a cleaning lady but often when I am having a gentleman around or some friends I like the place to be spotless. The problem with…
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Buying My Lingeries

I am often asked if I sell my underwear. I do For purchasing details see this page here

Taking Off My Black Stockings

I just love sexy underwear, “hint, hint” and love to parade in it, in the bedroom. Have a look at this suspender belt. All though it isnt the trditional suspender belt. Its all cream and frilly and goes great with…
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white panties in black and white

OK a change from the norm here, no stockings or pantyhose even, actually bare legs. But the main focus on these black and white pictures is on my white cotton panties and my ass. I am wearing a pair of…
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Selfies and camera phones

These keep being popular and so I keep adding them. More selfies that I take, usually to send them to my various friends, or often more likely I just tweet them. Some are of me in various states of dress,…
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Girlfriend takes some pics of me getting ready

I had my girlfriend over and we was getting ready for a day shopping, obviously both of us in VERY short dresses and heels and with lots of flashing of our knickers and legs to any unsuspecting victims, especially men…
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