suspender belt & stockings


Claudine is being forced into some of Mark’s fantasy games.


The party continues after a successful day at the races and Zara gets put through her paces at the trainers party afterwards!.


Julie Sommers works for the Foreign Office and seconded to help the President of a small country .


Madelaine has accepted a lift home from work after some drinks with colleagues Mark fancies exploring her hidden treasures! .

I hate ladders in my stockings

There is nothing more annoying than getting ladders in expensive stockings. These stockings have got a ladder in them. Keeping my stockings attached to my suspender belt I am going to rip these stockings off. These pictures are screen grabs…
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Katy Minchin a strict disciplinarian and loves ordering the boys around and they would love to know what she is wearing under her robe! .


A rival club owner pays a visit to the newly opened Carlton Club Pippa the wife of the owner is entertaining some girl friends,but ends up entertaining Tim and his henchmen! .

silver shoes and fully fashioned stockings

These beautiful silver shoes were bought for me by a very nice gentleman friend of mine. We bought them at Harrods, I love them. I think they look great with fully fashioned stockings and not much else. I really love…
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Sophia in black stockings

Sophia’s site is visually fine furthermore navigation is quite great. All of the image galleries are found inside of the photo gallery area and even though you can check the pictures on her web site, you may also down load…
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stockings and slip in the dungeon

This is a view of my new dungeon. Where I will be entertaining some very rich submissive men. This is just a small tour of my dungeon and I have decided to give you an extra special treat. Me in…
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Desyras in white stockings and white heels

Desyra Noir is really an enchanting lady that has an amazing figure. The mix of solitary masturbation scenarios with girl/girl plus hardcore sex is just right. I was above all impressed with her fetishes. This amazing MILF seems to have…
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Louboutins and stockings

Here are some screen grabs from a HD movie on my site. I just love being sent Louboutins to wear and always love to wear them with stockings. These new Louboutins are Pythons. “So Kate’s” pointed toe and superfine stiletto…
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