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Look what is inside my summer dress, I have stockings, but do I have panties?

Sunday, February 1st, 2015

Although I love wearing short skirts, I also love summer dresses, sitting around with the straps falling down so gentlemen can see the top of my boobs and sometimes a little more. But I love wearing stockings at the same time, often with no panties to keep me cool. Do you like panties or no panties with stockings under a ladies summer dress? Would you like to see what I have under this dress today? I bet you would you dirty man. Shall I pull up my dress and show you what I have underneath then? Well if I pull up the dress slowly you can take a good look at my legs and stockings, as the dress rides my my nylons you can see the stocking tops and suspender belt straps. Do you like that? If you do, you can take a good look at my stocking tops and suspender belt clips, before I pull the dress right up to show you if I am wearing panties or not. Last chance to decide what you would prefer to see.




Doing the gardenening in stockings and a summer dress

Saturday, January 17th, 2015

Ok, well not just gardening in stockings and suspenders, but I was wearing a sexy satin suspender belt and a pair of fully fashioned stockings underneath my little summer dress as I did the gardening.

I don’t normally do a lot of gardening, It’s not really me. I don’t really like the thought of getting dirty…(dirty, muddy, I mean!!)

It was a gorgeous day and I had on a gorgeous summer dress with no bra underneath. My elderly male neighbors are always watching out of their windows, I don’t think they have much else to do but when They see me in my little garden, they always sit down to watch me.

I was just doing a little weeding and it was so hot that I hadn’t noticed that my boobs had virtually popped out of my dress. My dress was short too, so when I bent down in it, I’m sure my neighbors were getting a great view of my bottom and the tops of my sexy stockings and the metal clasps holding them up! I think they really look forward to the days that I get in the garden so that they get some great shots up my skirt! I usually wear really brightly coloured panties just to make them more visible to the old chaps! I wonder if they like thongs or full backed panties?!

In fact, it was so hot and I had spotted two of my neighbors watching me. I decided to put on a short but sexy little show for them to brighten up the afternoon for them! I had sunglasses on so they they wouldn’t see that I had noticed them watching me. I put down my gardening tools and took off my shoes. Very slowly, I lifted up my dress and sexily unclasped the metal clasps on my left suspender and slowly rolled down the stocking over my knee and let it fall to my ankle. I carefully peeled it over my toes and repeated with the other stocking. I just did so very slowly. I looked up briefly and saw my male neighbors watching me intently. I put back on my shoes and then brushed my dress back into shape.

I had just realized that I had been putting on more of a show than I thought! My pert boobs had totally fallen out of my dress and as I had taken off my stockings, the men had seen my boobs jiggling up and down as I did so!

I had a little chuckle to myself and got on with my gardening. I love to put on a show for people. I am somewhat an exhibitionist don’t you think?! Well you can watch me now doing the gardening in this video, just like my neighbors do. To watch the full length movie visit sabrina Stockings


Watch me cutting the hedge in the garden in a loose summer dress and stockings.

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

I really need to cut the hedge down a bit. It is stopping the neighbors watching me sunbathing in the garden. But I have no tools obviously, so I use a pair of scissors, which takes me ages and so gives me plenty of time to bend over and flash my stockings and garter belt. I have no panties on so any up skirt shots you can see, you get to see more than you should. The problem with this dress is that I am not wearing a bra and so not only do you and of course my neighbors get lots of down blouse shots, my boobs also sometimes fall out of this dress. Did you notice? Do you think the neighbors will notice? I know that the mature gentleman who lives in the apartment above mine notices, because he sits at his window and watches me. So as a special treat for him and you of course, I let my boobs fall out of this summer dress. I hope you are not wanking while watching them fall out. I know that the mature gentleman who lives above me does. I know he loves watching me in the garden and often wanks while watching me giving him up skirt flashes. If you loves in the same apartments as me, would you watch me? I hope so. You can watch me now. When I bend over I will let my boobs fall out so you can see them. Would you like that?




In the garden in a summer dress, changing my stockings

Monday, December 8th, 2014

Watch me in this video in the garden, changing my fully fashioned stockings. This is a long summer dress and so I have to pull it up to my waste so I can unfasten then suspender clips. Watch as I roll these nylon stockings down my legs and roll a new pair up my legs. As you can see these stockings have a ladder in them, that I got while doing some gardening. Even though I am just gardening, I still can’t be seen wearing stockings with ladders in them. I know the gentlemen next door likes to watch me in the garden and loves to see me bending over when gardening. So I need to make sure that the stockings I am wearing do not have a ladder in them. I wouldn’t want him to see me flashing him, not unless I am at my very best. But today because it is so hot I am not wearing any panties. Do you think he will notice that I don’t have any panties? Would you notice that I do not have any panties when I am flashing him up my skirt? You can see I have no panties on in the upskirt shots in this video when I am changing my stockings. Do you like it when I don’t wear panties? Or do you prefer pantie up skirts? To watch the full length movie visit sabrina Stockings


playing in my bra and stockings

Saturday, November 29th, 2014

In these pictures I do a little more than flash my panties in the garden. Of course that should be enough for you. You should be more than happy that I let you look up my skirt at my panties and stocking tops. Especially such nice panties and fully fashioned stockings as I am wearing for you today. Well you have been a good boy so today I have decided to let you look at my breasts. Would you like that? Would you like to see my breasts? Would you like to watch me squeezing my breasts with my hands and finger nails? Would you like me to play with my nipples and get them all erect for you. Would you like that? What do you like best looking at my panties and stocking covered legs, or my breasts? Of course you like looking at my stockings and panties more. But as a treat you can just this once have a wank looking at my breasts. You are very privileged, because only my most favourite and rich gentlemen friends get the chance to look at my breasts.




Dressed in stockings watching doggers from inside the car and masturbating

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

I have always wanted to go dogging and see what that was all about. The idea of strangers watching me has always excited me and turned me on. But I wouldn’t want to join in with a bunch of strangers probably. But I have always been curious. So a gentleman friend of mine said he would take me to a well known dogging spot in the day so I could watch the action. Well we turned up and watched some strangers and it was very exciting, though I was to scared to leave the car in case we got pounced upon. But it was a big turn on watching, I was so wet and horny that I just had to masturbate right there in the car. The gentleman friend who took me to this dogging spot took some pictures on his camera phone, which explains why the pictures are not of great quality. Watch as I hitch my skirt up above my stocking tops and pull my panties down to masturbate.



Masturbating in the garden wearing stockings

Sunday, November 16th, 2014

I love it when the sun arrives, getting out in the garden, dressed of course in my fully fashioned stockings and heels. Today I have decided to go out in stockings, this summer dress and no panties. I think I will have a little play. Of course I know the neighbours can see me they always are snooping when I’m in the garden. Watching me while I am sunbathing topless or just sitting in the garden in a short skirt. But I know what they like the most and what you like the most. That is me in the garden in stockings. I bet you would like to watch me pulling on my suspender straps and rubbing my stocking covered legs with one hand, while with the other hand I am rubbing my shaved pussy and bringing myself to orgasm? Well you can if you want, just this once. visit sabrina Stockings


CFNM fully clothed with stockings fucking outside

Sunday, September 21st, 2014

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Wearing stockings but dropping my panties in the garden

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Would you like to watch me take down my panties? Watch me in the garden taking down my panties for you. But first I have to take down my stockings. Unclipping the metal clasps of my suspender belt. My nylons are rolling down my leg and are all wrinkly and loose on my legs. I know some guys who love stockings, like them loose on the leg. Do you like that? Do you like to see stockings loose and falling down on a woman’s legs? What about my legs? Well forget my legs for a minute, if you are very naughty you can see a little more as I drop my panties. So make sure you do not stare, as i don’t want the up skirt here to show you too much. Tease not sleaze. I wonder f the mature gentleman next door saw me removing my panties. I bet he did, I bet he was staring up my skirt and my stocking tops and shaved pussy. what do you think?




English milf housewife having sex wearing stockings outside with a group of strangers

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

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