Boots & Wanking



I am a German officer, the supreme authority in a prison of war camp.
The prisoners are big, strong RAF airmen who come under my command. I
love nothing more than taking morning roll call. I insist that the
airmen stand outside their barracks at attention and ready for
inspection. My intimate inspection.

Of course, I have to search for weapons or illegal contraband. And
that means ordering the men in my control to drop their trousers and
pants. I enjoy nothing more than striding up and down the line of
these naked male subjects whom I consider as scum and slaves, poking
at their cock and balls with the end of my riding crop.

I smirk as the prisoners catch sight of my sheer black silk stocking
under my uniform. I see their pathetic cocks rising to attention as
they glimpse the milky white of my strong thighs as they peer out
above my dark stocking tops.

Once the roll call is complete, I usually find an excuse to punish one
of the airmen. My inspections always make me moist with female juices
such that I am in need of a good clean between the legs. Of course I
could use the camp showers but prefer the attention of a human tongue.
A male tongue guided carefully by my instructions to each and every
moist crevice in my womanly nest.

Today’s prisoner, a small, dark but powerful looking man, in his mid
20s, is ordered to follow his commandante to the punishment block. Two
burly guards (female) chain his arms and drag him to my little nest of
pain and humiliation.

He is dragged into the stone chamber that I use as my little cabin of
desire. He is of course naked and shivers with cold and fear, mostly
fear. I order him on his knees and give him a harsh blow with my
gloved hand. He reels to the floor but I order him to sit up. Sit up
and beg. Beg for his life. He does so but I don’t want to hear him
pleading. I want his tongue in my pussy.

I sit on a wooden chair, legs astride, a booted heel on each of his
shoulders. I order him to lick me clean or else suffer unimaginable
pain. He does as he is bid and carefully lets his tongue find the damp
part of my intimate area. He can’t resist kissing my stockings and
thighs. I let him do this: I am a merciful goddess.

Then his tongue reached my pussy. I had cruel thoughts of whips,
chains and razor-sharp heels as he worked his lips and tongue around
my dripping pussy. Those thoughts made me even sexier and I harshly
ordered him to lick more vigorously otherwise there would be a price
to pay. He did as he was told; and with one hand down my military
jacket to fondle an erect nipple, and the other pulling on the
airmen’s hair, I came as never before. It was an orgasm like no other
sending me into waves of sinful pleasure. As for the prisoner, who
cares about him? I gave him the gift of kick in his balls with my
leather boot, and ordered him back to barracks. Just a typical morning
for your cruel German officer.