Caged schoolgirls panties and stocking covered feet

What do you like more? Panties, stockings, uniforms or up skirts? Well here we have them all. watch me playing with my stocking covered feet, while dressed as a school girl in these pictures. Watch me as I rub my nylon covered toes and play and massage my nylon covered heels and soul. These are reinforced toes and heels on these stockings, which means they have a lot of strength in them. This means these stockings will take hours of massaging and rubbing and wont get holes in them. Do you like to massage a ladies feet and toes? Do you like to massage a ladies feet and toes, while she is wearing stockings like these? Would you like to massage my feet while I am wearing stockings? I bet you would. Not only would you be able to rub my feet and toes and feel the nylon on my feet and legs, but because the skirt I am wearing is so short, you can also get some great up skirt shots of my white panties. I bet that would get you very excited? Seeing my panties while playing with my nylon covered feet.