Army uniform and stockings bitch

Look at me here wearing my very sexy German officers uniform. I have on a real German officers jacket and feel very powerful and full of authority. I love uniforms and this has to be one of my absolute favorites. I am also wearing some sexy black stockings and a satin suspender belt with metal clasps. I am holding a riding crop and am wearing black high heeled knee length boots. I bet if I told you to lick my boots now you would wouldn’t you?If you didn’t, there would be trouble. I can be very strict if I am not obeyed. I think I make a very good German officer and a very sexy one too. Most German officers wouldn’t be wearing a tight black satin corset laced at the back or fully fashioned black stockings with a sexy satin suspender belt holding them up. But they would make lots of demands and if you didn’t obey, there would be serious consequences.