Air hostess plays with herself

I loved being an air hostess, it was great fun flying all over the world. But we spent all the time flashing our panties and stocking tops at passengers and the pilots. I always use to get really turned on and wet and would often go in the toilet to relieve myself. Pulling up my skirt over my stocking tops, pushing my hands down my panties and bringing myself to orgasm. Before tidying my uniform up and going back to being on duty


3 Responses to “Air hostess plays with herself”

  1. Miss Makepeace Says:

    Love the outfit Sabrina, stunning :-) x

  2. Danny Knight Says:

    great picture. I would love to have sniffed your panties while you rubbed your fingers over them

  3. Mike Says:

    I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your picture are, you specially.

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