Punishing a slave wearing stockings and boots

December 12th, 2014

The following movie is a very long movie. The film plays for more than 45 minutes. It has been taken in the session using a sub that solely likes pain. That session took for 2 hrs, quite a lengthy punishing session, in which I made use of an entire selection of hitting tools to whip him with. Including crops, & canes, whips, tawse, floggers plus everything else I can find. There is certainly some very hard ass whipping here. The two hours period has been condensed into FORTY FIVE minutes. This really is only a movie in case you like seeing tough punishment of slaves. You will find there’s small amount of ass worship in addition to pussy worship, nonetheless it is mainly abuse.

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dungeon-punishment-1-008_0001.jpg dungeon-punishment-1-017_0001.jpg dungeon-punishment-1-156_0001.jpg dungeon-punishment-1-162_0001.jpg dungeon-punishment-1-175_0001.jpgdungeon-punishment-1-185_0001.jpg

How wearing stockings to work helps when the boss is annoyed

December 11th, 2014

I checked my watch, I was late but what was new. Work started at nine and I tended to arrive about ten minutes after that but it wasn’t my fault, public transportation in this place is terrible. The bus was late or the taxi got caught in traffic, I know I could get up earlier but my bed is just too comfy for that.

Today I took the bus to work, but still had to walk a block to reach the office. The street was crammed with people all making their way to their office buildings and getting ready for the day ahead. I strutted as quickly as I could but the crowds were just too much so I swam with the fishes and took my time.

When I reached the office doors relief swept over me but that was soon shadowed with anxiousness as I saw the boss at the bottom of the stairs waiting for me. He looked angry but his face softened as soon as I got closer. He ordered me to his office, and I, the measly office temp obeyed his command.

I got to the office before he did and made myself comfortable on the guest seats. They were comfortable enough but not as comfy looking as his plush executive leather chair, it went back and forward and sideways too. I dashed up from my chair and ran around the desk to his, or rather I hobbled around the desk to his chair, my heels were too high for me to run in!

I saw down in his chair, the leather was cool against my black silk skirt and the chill seeped through the fabric till it reached my bottom. I lay back and crossed my legs, picking up a pen and twirled it at my mouth. I could get used to this, being the boss man, sitting in the big chair and ordering all the little temps around. Shame it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon, in saying that though I do love my job, travelling around different offices and meeting new people. Never in the same place for too long!

I heard the door knob click and before I could hobble back round to the side of the table that I should have been on the big scary boss man was through the door with his eyes glazing at me. Oops. He placed his hands on his hips and started to tap his feet, this wasn’t going to be good.

His mouth started to move and lecture me about my lateness and my blatant disregard for the rules but I was to busy staring at him, watching his perfectly sculpted lips move and his muscly chest flex when he shifted from side to side. I felt my nipples grow taught in my white silk bra and my arousal started to seep through into my panties. They were silk, my wetness was going to stain!

I stood up from his chair, feeling my sheet white, seamed stockings rub against each other, and walked towards him. I put my hand up to my hair and looked up at him with my big round eyes and pleaded how sorry I was. My hand started to drop from my hair down the curves of my body till it got to the bottom of my skirt where I rubbed the silk in between my fingers, all the while pleading with him not to complain to the agency, a girl like me couldn’t afford to live without my cushy temp job…

His face softened and his eyes dipped to my fingers as they caressed my skirt, slightly drawing it up and revealing my Lacy stocking tips and metal garter clips. His eyes snapped back up into his head and he looked back at my face, sweat starting to form on his brow. I smiled as innocently as I could, my eyes doing that “I’m a helpless little girl” look that all we women seem to be capable of.

He stopped staring and walked around me to his chair, shaking his head. He warned me not to be late again and just let me of with the oral warning. I was a lucky girl. I thanked him with my most sweetest voice and trotted out of his office towards my desk. Another day, another escape! I’m glad I have legs, breasts and those puppy dog eyes of mine! See what happens next at my premium site sabrinas stockings

Mia is a stocking wearing wife who loves young men

December 10th, 2014

lady sonia spoke to English MILF Mia on the mobile phone on Saturday evening for making the arrangements just for this film. This wife had planned to arrange for her hubby to drive her straight down and loose time waiting for his wife while in the car when Mia came up inside to “organise a fuck” and then lady sonia was to arrange for any. lady sonia member to get at hers and completely ready to ensure she can strip, take the film by using him and then easily get dressed and get back to Mia’s partners vehicle without having him understanding anything about this whatsoever until finally she informed him all about this during intercourse later that night. The plan was that the wife desired to simply just suck that young males BIG errect prick and make him shoot across her perfect make-up yet as soon as the wife had this younger males throbbingpenis in to the woman’s hand Mia had different thoughts and to Lady Sonia’s huge surprise Mia climbed up onto the chair on the man and took him deeply in her VERY tight pussy and rode him really hard for the camcorder! The actual height of the lounger is utterly perfect to observe Mia’s tiny pussy expand to allow his cock of course, if you happen to be a supporter of seeing AUTHENTIC hitched ladies experiencing extra marital entertainment without having their husband’s understanding in that case this video genuinely is incredibly special! Watch the entire length lady sonia movie here.

Watch me cutting the hedge in the garden in a loose summer dress and stockings.

December 9th, 2014

I really need to cut the hedge down a bit. It is stopping the neighbors watching me sunbathing in the garden. But I have no tools obviously, so I use a pair of scissors, which takes me ages and so gives me plenty of time to bend over and flash my stockings and garter belt. I have no panties on so any up skirt shots you can see, you get to see more than you should. The problem with this dress is that I am not wearing a bra and so not only do you and of course my neighbors get lots of down blouse shots, my boobs also sometimes fall out of this dress. Did you notice? Do you think the neighbors will notice? I know that the mature gentleman who lives in the apartment above mine notices, because he sits at his window and watches me. So as a special treat for him and you of course, I let my boobs fall out of this summer dress. I hope you are not wanking while watching them fall out. I know that the mature gentleman who lives above me does. I know he loves watching me in the garden and often wanks while watching me giving him up skirt flashes. If you loves in the same apartments as me, would you watch me? I hope so. You can watch me now. When I bend over I will let my boobs fall out so you can see them. Would you like that?




In the garden in a summer dress, changing my stockings

December 8th, 2014

Watch me in this video in the garden, changing my fully fashioned stockings. This is a long summer dress and so I have to pull it up to my waste so I can unfasten then suspender clips. Watch as I roll these nylon stockings down my legs and roll a new pair up my legs. As you can see these stockings have a ladder in them, that I got while doing some gardening. Even though I am just gardening, I still can’t be seen wearing stockings with ladders in them. I know the gentlemen next door likes to watch me in the garden and loves to see me bending over when gardening. So I need to make sure that the stockings I am wearing do not have a ladder in them. I wouldn’t want him to see me flashing him, not unless I am at my very best. But today because it is so hot I am not wearing any panties. Do you think he will notice that I don’t have any panties? Would you notice that I do not have any panties when I am flashing him up my skirt? You can see I have no panties on in the upskirt shots in this video when I am changing my stockings. Do you like it when I don’t wear panties? Or do you prefer pantie up skirts? To watch the full length movie visit sabrina Stockings


Shopping for new shoes in stockings and red patent high heels

December 7th, 2014

One of my members has not only a stockings fetish, but also a fetish for feet and shoes. He knows that I love shoes as well and e-mailed me and said that the next time I go shoe shopping, he would love to come along and watch me as I try on lots of different types of shoes. He said that if he could come along, he would buy me whatever pair of shoes I liked.

How could I refuse?! I e-mailed him back straight away and arranged to meet up to go shoe shopping! I dressed that morning in a very sexy sheer pair of fully fashioned stockings and a sexy white suspender belt with metal clasps. I put on some new matching white lingerie and a little black dress. I wore some sexy black peep toes with a 4 inch heel. It was a sunny day, so put on my sunglasses and left my apartment ready to meet up with George.

I got to the place we had picked to meet and George was there waiting for me. He was so excited to meet up and couldn’t wait to watch me try on lots of pairs of shoes. He said I looked wonderful and my legs looked fabulous in the stockings I had chosen to wear. He said he had a surprise for me and pulled out a gorgeous pair of new stockings from his bag.

Wow, I was being spoiled already! These stockings George had bought for me are quite rare and I know that they would have cost him a small fortune. I couldn’t wait to wear them on a special night out! They are black and fully fashioned and are just so silky.

After a little walk around, I found a shoe shop which has to be my favourite. I won’t name drop but it is quite expensive. The shoes are gorgeous and have red soles. They are so worth every penny.

George holds the door for me and follows behind. All the time he is behind me he can get a wonderful view of my legs and the lines at the back of my sexy stockings and the high heels of my sexy peep toe shoes.

I slowly walk around the shop and could easily buy every single pair if money were no object! I pick out 7 pairs which I just absolutely adore and ask the assistant for my size.

George sits down opposite me and as I feel so sexy and so spoiled already, I give him the occasional naughty little flash of my white panties. I can tell he is really enjoying watching me as I see him grin like a schoolboy. As I am seated waiting the arrival of the shoes, I hitch my dress up just a touch so that George also gets a little glimpse of my stocking tops and a couple of the metal clasps.

I take off my heels and George watches my elegant feet as I wiggle my toes with excitement! The boxes arrive with the gorgeous shoes inside. I love it more than anything when I take out the shoes and smell that gorgeous scent of leather and unravel them from the tissue paper.

I feel like Cinderella as I place each foot inside the shoes. I make sure I do this slowly and elegantly so that George doesn’t miss a thing. I try on a pair of sexy red patent heels on first and get up and walk around. They fit like a glove. I can see George smile as he watches me strut sexily in the red shoes. He looks up and down my stocking clad legs and I walk over to him so that he can feel the shoes.

I try on 6 other pairs, all so sexy. I am struggling with choosing my favourite pair. The black patent peep toes fit perfectly but are similar to the ones I wore out today. The silver sparkly ones are gorgeous and princess like, the platforms are great fun, the strappy sandals not quite so practical, the spike heels stunning, The purple satin shoes have the most sexy bow at the front, I could go on! And the more I walk around, the more I see on the shelves! Shoe heaven!

I do remember George had the biggest smile when I tried on the red patent heels, so I tried them on again. The absolutely fitted like a glove. They were stunning. I sashayed around the shop and felt a million dollars. I was pretty sure these were the shoes. I walked over to George and he said that I really must have these shoes. He leant down and looked admiringly at my feet. He walked over to the counter and paid for the red shoes. He insisted I kept them on so that he could see me wear them until we parted company. It was fabulous for me as I had just been bought the sexiest shoes and George was thrilled as I had made him really happy that day.

I promised him that I’d put some pictures of me in my sexy shoes on my site in his honour! See them here

Buying My Lingeries

December 6th, 2014

I am often asked if I sell my underwear. I do

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Milf in purple stockings fucks a young stud

December 5th, 2014

Most blogs have been reviewing 40somethingmag for many years simply because they continually come through by using breathtaking MILF photographs plus movies. I adore mature girls, hence I had large hopes for the type of website which values mature women for a change. 40somethingmag is a mag that features older women that really like a down and dirty fucking and also posing for any video camera in the nude.

If you wish to get off on some good MILF action, there is a good amount of this here. You’ll find around three hundred movies, currently available and brand-new videos are now being added every week. The standard does differ a little, although many of the movies offer you fantastic quality playback. Also, whilst a lot of the content is actually exclusive, some of the stuff is taken via a variety of Dvd disks.

There is certainly a total of above seven hundred photo sets through the entire web site, yet they’re not all found with each other. A few will be in the “xxx photos” area of this internet site whilst others can be looked at by simply exploring through the archived issues in the “magazine” part. In addition there are photos inside the “specials” section. A lot of the photos can be downloadable in Zip files made up of about 80 photographs.

Now and then there’s a porn star featured and while the vast majority of MILFs are generally amateurs, the photographs usually are professional. Lighting is definitely well lit and I would state potentially they are glamour-type photos which can be highly detailed plus stylized. Similar to the videos, new photographs are generally put in weekly.


Shocking real movies of women on a hen night with male strippers

December 4th, 2014

Boozed women is a shocking new blog. I don’t usually put stuff like this on my stockings blog. But I have just been shown this site and shown these really shocking video clips. I really didn’t realise things like this went on. I’m actually lost for words. Take a look at these movie clips taken at hen parties in the north of England. These home made amateur movies were taken at Ladies hen nights were there are male strippers. women of all ages getting on stage with these strippers and getting up to all sorts. I thought I was a bit more daring than the average girl, flashing my stocking tops and panties at people. But these ladies get really outrageous with these male strippers. Playing with them and much much more. This isn’t the sort of thing I would usually put on my stockings blog. But I am so shocked I decided to share them with you. If you want to see the site and the full length movies you can here at behind the towel. Otherwise enjoy these shocking clips. Or for more free clips visit the boozed women blog here.

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December 3rd, 2014

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Sexy stocking tops revealed at the races

December 2nd, 2014

It was a Saturday and I was going to spend the day at the races. I was going with a couple of my girlfriends and we were all going to dress up for the occasion. I had bought a gorgeous new summer dress recently especially for the event. I also bought some sexy new heels and a really over the top corsage.

I had planned what underwear I was going to wear as well and of course stockings too. My dress was just above the knee and was a sexy tight Roland Mouret dress in midnight blue. The stockings were a summery pair which were nude and really silky. My underwear was all black lace and I had a matching suspender belt.

I got up that morning and had a really long relaxing bubble bath and gave myself ages to get ready. My friends would be coming round and then we’d get a taxi to the racecourse.

I got out of my bubble bath, dried myself and rubbed some Chanel body lotion all over my soft warm body. I put on a spritz of matching perfume then put on my sexy new underwear, suspender belt and stockings. I clipped the stockings to the lace suspender belt then put on my heels. I always put on my heels straight away as I absolutely hate to get a ladder!

I applied some subtle make up and blow dried my hair and right at the last minute pulled my stunning new dress over my head. I looked in the mirror and loved what I saw. It’s such fun going to the races with girlfriends as you can get really competitive with what you decide on wearing. I love to know who’s wearing what designer. It is also good fun to look at ladies who are wearing totally the wrong dress! Haha!

I don’t understand ladies that come to events like this and look really tarty. Some seem to have really horrible orange tanned legs too. I prefer to look as natural as possible and wear very sexy stockings.

My friends arrive and we head off. They both look stunning and have chosen really sexy dresses. They are both really envious of my shoes and admire my fully fashioned stockings.

Once we arrive at the races, we get settled in and absorb the atmosphere. We get chatting to some young men that are sitting near us and one of them brings us some champagne. We chat with them and exchange tips on which horses to go for. I get chatting to a sexy guy called Charlie who keeps complimenting me on how stunning I look and how the dress matches the colour of my blue eyes. He also says that he finds ladies that wear stockings a tremendous turn on. After a chat that gets a little steamy, he rushes off and returns a few minutes later with a ticket for me. He has placed a bet for me on a horse which he thinks is going to win. You’ll never believe it, but the horse did win!! The race was so exciting and I had just won some money! I decided that with my win, I had to repay Charlie!

I thought that he would be really grateful for a little flash. While the others were busy getting to know each other a little better, I was busy seducing Charlie. I would give him lots of sneaky flashes up my skirt so that he could see my black lace panties and my stocking tops. He loved my little show and he sexily whispered in my ear that he especially loved that he could see the metal clasps on my suspender belt and how they held up my fully fashioned stockings. I told him to go ahead and feel the seam that ran up the back of my leg. It was a real turn on to be whispering in each others’ ears and to be slightly tipsy on the champagne.

It seemed like we had only been at the races for a couple of hours, but It was soon time to go home. We had been eating strawberries and drinking champagne and had all had a win on the horses. Charlie sneakily put his hand up my skirt and I wandered what he was about to do!!! While all eyes were elsewhere, he slid the money he’d bet on the horse for me inside my stocking top. How sexy was that!

We all said goodbye and headed for home. My girlfriends and I had a great giggle on the way home chatting about our fabulous day. I got home and took off my dress and got ready to unwind for the evening. I took out the money from my stocking top and also found a little note with it. It read: to a very sexy lady, hope to see you again, Charlie and then his phone number. I might call him again, what do think? Then visit me at my site here

Changing stockings in the kitchen in a mandarin dress

December 1st, 2014

Well I have been working hard doing the housework and cleaning the kitchen and so my stockings have got all hot and sweaty. Well what is a girl to do? I can’t very well walk around all day in sweaty stockings now can I? So I will have to change these tanned coloured stockings and replace them with a nice black pair of stockings. Watch as I pull these stockings up my smooth shaved legs and clip them to my suspender belt with these metal clips. This Mandarin dress is so short that even when I am standing up the up skirt shots you get up my dress are very revealing. I make sure you can see my panties and my stocking tops. So it becomes even more revealing when I have to try and discretely change my stockings. Do you like to watch a lady putting her stockings on? I hope you do as I love you watching me putting on my stockings. To watch the full length movie visit sabrina Stockings


“Why Wear Sexy Lingerie?” An article by La La Lingerie

November 30th, 2014

Every woman, should at some point in their life wear sexy lingerie, whether it be under work clothes, in bed or simply to show off to their partner! With the above being the most obvious, there are also other reasens why you should be wearing sexy lingerie.

Lingerie is perfect for lifting a womans spirit, it makes a woman feel good and revitalizes the mind like nothing else. Feeling of being unattractive are instantly put to bed and confidence is greatly improved. Women learn to appreciate themselves more simply from indulging in wearing lingerie. Many women have one or two hang ups about their own body’s, but when they discover lingerie and wear the right lingerie for them these hang ups are not really a problem anymore, in fact they end up loving the parts they once loathed!

Lingerie really does have such a positive affect on a womans psyche and should not be overlooked.

There are also other important reasons why women should be wearing good quality lingerie.

Large breasted women for instance need good sturdy support that can be relied upon, with a proper fitting bra even the heaviest of cups should feel lighter when properly supported. It’s no good buying cheap bras that have been inadequately made because they will not meet the required needs of a large breasted lady.

Besides the feel good factor, lingerie can also provide extra warmth to a woman in winter time, a body stocking for instance is perfect worn under clothing during the winter months or even under pajamas for a sexy surprise that your partner would love!

Wearing sexy lingerie is ideal for spicing things up in the bedroom, men love lingerie, they love how it can hide the sexy bits and leave a little to their imagination, they also love how some lingerie feels, especially sheer stockings! If your new to experiencing what lingerie can do for you, then delay no longer in unlocking your senses! With many different lingerie styles to choose from, such as chemise’s and baby-dolls for comfort whilst you sleep, corsets and bustier’s worn with stockings for a sexy night in or with jeans or trousers as outer wear on a night out! Sexy teddy lingerie that leaves nothing to the imagination and gives you total control over your loved one in the bedroom! Sexy body stockings for a sexy secret under clothing that only you will know, and obviously to temp and tease your loved one in the bedroom!

About the Author:

Sexy Lingerie UK article written for La La Lingerie, an online lingerie retailer for women.

playing in my bra and stockings

November 29th, 2014

In these pictures I do a little more than flash my panties in the garden. Of course that should be enough for you. You should be more than happy that I let you look up my skirt at my panties and stocking tops. Especially such nice panties and fully fashioned stockings as I am wearing for you today. Well you have been a good boy so today I have decided to let you look at my breasts. Would you like that? Would you like to see my breasts? Would you like to watch me squeezing my breasts with my hands and finger nails? Would you like me to play with my nipples and get them all erect for you. Would you like that? What do you like best looking at my panties and stocking covered legs, or my breasts? Of course you like looking at my stockings and panties more. But as a treat you can just this once have a wank looking at my breasts. You are very privileged, because only my most favourite and rich gentlemen friends get the chance to look at my breasts.




Wench taking off her stockings, playing in stockings and tied up in stockings

November 28th, 2014

I love taking off my stockings and love the way the nylon feels on my legs as I roll down my nylons. Watch me taking off my stockings and playing with them. These are fully fashioned stockings with a cuban heel.


My submissive side loves being tied up by a man. Wearing this wench uniform for a bit of extra role play really ads to the excitment of being dominated and tied up by a man wearing fully fashioned nylons and a black suspender belt. I even have some nylons stuffed in my mouth to keep me from making a sound.


watch me take my panties off and trying to cover myself up and keep my modesty just by using these two fans. Not always succeeding too I might add, lol. Not only do you get to see more than you should, but you also get to see my fully fashioned nylon tops.


Riding a balloon in pantyhose

November 27th, 2014

I know you expect to see me in stockings, but I do like to wear pantyhose sometimes, just for fun, but never ever with panties on. Pantyhose should always be worn with no panties so the pantyhose gusset can rub against your very wet pussy. In this movie I am riding a huge yellow balloon in pantyhose. Watch as I rub my pantyhose covered pussy all over this balloon. I get really excited and not to mention wet when I am riding this balloon. Almost fucking the balloon. I bring myself to orgasm and not long after the balloon bursts. I wish men where the same and as soon as you had cum they vanished.. You can watch this video in my premium members area. Join me now

balloon-pantyhose-003_0001.jpg balloon-pantyhose-007_0001.jpg balloon-pantyhose-008_0001.jpg

balloon-pantyhose-011_0001.jpg balloon-pantyhose-017_0001.jpg balloon-pantyhose-013_0001.jpg

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Gothic stocking wearing slut caged with no panties

November 26th, 2014

I know you like panties, but I bet you sometimes wonder what is under my panties don’t you. Do you want to know if my tight moist pussy is shaved or hairy? Well today you may if you look very carefully a glimpse of my pussy and tell for yourself.I have been chained up in a cage, like a slutty vampy sex slave. With maybe little to much make up on that makes me look a bit like a Gothic. Wearing nothing but this tight black corset. A black 8 strap suspender belt with metal clasps and a pair of black stockings. Plus a pair of high heel black shoes. Do I look like a sex slave that you would want to keep in a cage, only letting me out when you want someone to service your hard cock? As you can see from all this rough sex play, these black fully fashioned stockings have a ladder in them. Which makes me look like a cheap trashy slut for you I hope.




Dressed in stockings watching doggers from inside the car and masturbating

November 25th, 2014

I have always wanted to go dogging and see what that was all about. The idea of strangers watching me has always excited me and turned me on. But I wouldn’t want to join in with a bunch of strangers probably. But I have always been curious. So a gentleman friend of mine said he would take me to a well known dogging spot in the day so I could watch the action. Well we turned up and watched some strangers and it was very exciting, though I was to scared to leave the car in case we got pounced upon. But it was a big turn on watching, I was so wet and horny that I just had to masturbate right there in the car. The gentleman friend who took me to this dogging spot took some pictures on his camera phone, which explains why the pictures are not of great quality. Watch as I hitch my skirt up above my stocking tops and pull my panties down to masturbate.



Black fishnet stockings

November 24th, 2014

Would you like me to come around and do your cleaning? I bet you would, you naughty boy if I was wearing these black fully fashioned stockings, these high heel shoes and wearing a short mandarin dress as short as this? I love these little pink shoes, they go so well with black stockings, don’t you think? They also go well with these pink panties I am wearing. Which you can see when I am bending over cleaning the floor. Because this blue mandarin dress is so short. Probably too short, what do you think? Is this little dress too short? It is so short you can see my panties and stocking tops. Well it is way to short to go out in, but if I am cleaning for a gentlemen friend it is just the right length. Watch me as I rub myself through these panties with this mop. The long hard mop rubbing my wet pussy through these little panties. Watch as I crouch down with my legs open and rub up and down on this hard mop handle.




Flashing the elderly neighbour my stockings and much more

November 23rd, 2014

It was a really sunny day and I had just put out my stockings to dry on the washing line. As usual my elderly neighbour Fred was at his window looking out at me and looking at the wonderful array of stockings on my washing line.

I waved to Fred and beckoned him to open the window. He’s a bit deaf, so I shouted over to him to pop in for a cup of coffee with me. He looked really excited and slammed shut his window and within a couple of minutes, he was ringing my doorbell.

I opened the door to see a very excited looking Fred standing there waiting to be asked in. I ushered him inside and walked up the steps into my house very slowly so that I knew he would get a good look up my skirt. I was wearing a very sexy little floral skirt and underneath, I had on some pink full backed panties with a pink lace suspender belt on which was holding up my new, sheer, Gerbe stockings. I heard him gasp as he must have seen my bottom wiggle as I walked up the steps and he must have seen the metal clasps holding up my fully fashioned stockings and the sexy outline of my bottom.

Fred followed me into my lounge and I told him to make himself comfortable. I bent over right in front of him and picked up a couple of cushions. I made sure he saw a little more up my skirt as I picked them up and then place them behind him and made him feel right at home. As I placed the cushions behind him, I got really close and pushed my breasts right in front of his face. I just had on a skimpy vest top on and cheekily wasn’t wearing a bra underneath! I could see his excitement as he watched me potter around and I’m sure he realised I was putting on a little show for him.

I went into the kitchen and made us some coffee. I gave Fred his drink and sexily sauntered over to my chaise longue. I lay on my side to start with and as we chatted about this that and the other, I shifted every now and then so that Fred got varied views of up my skirt, at my sexy stocking tops and at the metal clasps which held them up. I got a real kick out of pleasuring him and flashing him little glimpses of my panties. The pink panties were ever so slightly see through and you could just make out, If you looked hard, my pussy lips. I could see Fred covering up his cock with his hands and I could make out quite easily just how turned on he was. Aren’t I a naughty girl! Such a flirt.
I made sure that my conversations were always a little on the sexy side too, and kept talking about my stockings. I told him the kind of stockings I like to wear and why I prefer suspenders with metal clasps and why I love to wear stockings so much.

I told Fred how I love to gently wash all my stockings and as I hang them on the washing line to dry I like to take stock of which pairs I have worn through the week and what happened when I wore them and if I had been on a date and If my date was lucky enough to see me in them or even feel them.
I got up after flashing at Fred several times and told him as he was such a special neighbour, he could maybe take the stockings that I was wearing home with him as a reminder of his morning with me chatting and drinking coffee and of course all the flashing that I had been doing, though I didn’t mention the flashing. I think It’s always best to just pretend that I wasn’t doing it on purpose though we obviously both know otherwise!

I told Fred he could feel up and down my sexy legs and see how the stockings felt and fitted me like gloves. He looked overjoyed and started to feel just how silky they felt. He loved to run his hands up and down and to feel the metal clasps. He even very cheekily ran his fingers over my pussy and my bottom cheeks. I could even feel myself getting a little moist down there!

Fred unclipped one of the clasps, then another, then the other and very, very slowly and very carefully so as not to snag my stocking, he rolled it all the way down my leg. I could feel his hot breath on my now bare leg and realised just how close he was. He was very gentle and lifted my foot and slid off my high heel and then carefully peeled the stocking from my smooth foot. I put my heel back on and turned round so that he could take off my other stocking. Again, he unclipped the three metal clasps and slowly and very carefully rolled down the other stocking. He removed my heel and the stocking and put on my other heel for me, he liked the way I stood in heels and bare legs but the suspender straps still dangling underneath my skirt. He smelled the stockings and closed his eyes as he breathed in the sexy scent of me. He put them in his pocket and was so grateful. I am so naughty sometimes and bent over towards him so that my breasts were pushed right into his arm. I whispered to him that if he wanted, he could watch me take off my panties in front of him too. Of course he didn’t say no, so I stood up, really close to him in between his legs. I turned round and bent over so that he could see my bottom. I gave a cheeky little wiggle and slid down my panties over my thighs and over my knees and let them fall to my ankles. I picked them up and turned around again and smiled.

I could see now that Fred couldn’t hide his excitement anymore as his cock was very prominent indeed! He got up and said thanks for a lovely morning and quickly left. I think I knew what he was going to do when he got home!! Naughty Fred. I felt good knowing that I had made an old man very happy! I love it that I’m such a tease too!!

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