Look at my feet and panties in these fully fashioned stockings

April 23rd, 2015

Do you like feet? I know men who love to suck on a girls feet, do you like that? Would you like to suck my feet? What about feet in stockings? Would you like to suck and play with my feet and toes in stockings? I would like that a lot, I love having my stocking or any nylons covered feet massaged and played with. I love a mans or ladies in fact, firm grip on my toes and heels. Well if you like toes and feet I will show you mine, in this movie. I will let you have a good close up of my stocking covered feet and I will play with them while you watch. Imagine it was you playing with my feet. You could massage my toes and heel and suck and lick my toes. Before pulling my stockings off, pulling my stockings down my smooth leg, before getting my stockings in your teeth and pulling my stockings off. Then you could play with my bare feet and toes. Maybe even cum over them when you are ready. Watch the full length stockings and panty movie here

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April 20th, 2015

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Hazel the British milf lays on her bed and puts her stocking covered legs in the air as she plays with herself

April 17th, 2015

stockingaces is really a nylon site which includes older girls, however, not all of the ladies are from the mature range, yet around half of which get into your M. I. L. F or maybe G. I. L. F class. It could very well possibly not appear to be there are a lot of movies at first glance, however visit a thumbnail of the girl and you will observe that there is commonly various films of the woman.

First of all we’ve got the stockings, of which there are numerous kinds plus colours which the models put on. I’m a lover of the classic dark-colored stockings in addition to garter belt, consequently We were very happy to find plenty of girls using that very getup.

This material ranges somewhere between softcore posing and also masturbation. The actual image sets tend to be more softcore, while the movies tend to have entire nudity and also pussy play. There are numerous moments of the females spreading wide and also pumping toys in their older holes, with their stocking clad feet held while in the air. See the full length movie here at stocking aces

s-a-1.jpg s-a-2.jpg s-a-3.jpg s-a-4.jpg

Flashing my panties in a posh restaurant

April 14th, 2015

I had got ready this evening and put on a really sexy red dress, some gorgeous new fully fashioned stockings and a sexy satin suspender belt. I was wearing my favourite heels and was ready to go. I had a date who was taking me to a really posh new restaurant. I hadn’t been out with this man before and had only met him once through a friend of mine.

I thought we’d hit it off straight away but we arrived at the restaurant and we couldn’t have been more different. He was so quiet and wasn’t drinking and had put on bad shoes!

I can’t trust a man who wears the wrong shoes. He was wearing a nice suit with a pair of trainers!!! Goodness knows how I didn’t notice this before we arrived! We sat down and I thought I would forget about the trainers and just have a good night out. I did try, but he was so boring i must have been drunk to have agreed to go out with him! He had nothing interesting to say and was so indecisive. He ordered whatever I ordered and didn’t even compliment me on how I looked!

I decided to have some fun of my own anyway and as I had already spotted a couple having dinner opposite us having an equally rubbish time, I thought I would target them. They had obviously been arguing and were both in bad moods. I caught the eye of the man quite quickly and began my little show.

I couldn’t believe that in such a posh restaurant, I would have hitched up my dress so high. High enough for the man opposite to be able to see my sexy legs, my stocking tops and the suspender clips. He could also easily see my white panties and the outline of my pussy. He was getting quite turned on by my little show so far and his wife had disappeared. She had gone off to the ladies sulking by the looks of things. My date was hideous and was spending more time talking to the waiter than talking to me so for all I cared, I was just going to carry on with my little show.

I discreetly moved my hands up to the tops of my thighs and felt the metal clasps holding my stockings up and felt the silkiness of the stocking tops. This was a turn on for me in itself and I had almost forgotten I was in a public place! The man opposite me had now grown a a very big hard on and I would loved to have got a little bit friendlier with him! I was getting reslly turned on by flashing myself and showing what great legs I have and the silky stockings covering them but it was practically time to go home. My date was so boring it was untrue and I explained that we should call it a night for we wouldn’t get on. He did however pay the bill and when he left I stayed and finished the bottle of champagne. The couple opposite me had left for home and on the way out she was really hen pecking him and he lost his hard on quickly.

I went home that evening thinking that I could still very easily pleasure myself. So I did. I took off my sexy red dress, left on my stockings, heels and underwear and lay on my double bed. I took my favourite dildo and took great pleasure in pleasuring myself!

Want to see the movie and pictures? Well take a look at my site here

Army uniform and stockings bitch

April 11th, 2015

Look at me here wearing my very sexy German officers uniform. I have on a real German officers jacket and feel very powerful and full of authority. I love uniforms and this has to be one of my absolute favorites. I am also wearing some sexy black stockings and a satin suspender belt with metal clasps. I am holding a riding crop and am wearing black high heeled knee length boots. I bet if I told you to lick my boots now you would wouldn’t you?If you didn’t, there would be trouble. I can be very strict if I am not obeyed. I think I make a very good German officer and a very sexy one too. Most German officers wouldn’t be wearing a tight black satin corset laced at the back or fully fashioned black stockings with a sexy satin suspender belt holding them up. But they would make lots of demands and if you didn’t obey, there would be serious consequences.




See me in my cream lingerie and white hold up stockings

April 8th, 2015

I love to combine modern lingerie with more traditional lingerie, especially if I’m on a date or going out with friends, so even though I prefer stockings and garter belts I also like wearing hold ups with lingerie, like today I have some cream lingerie on with these white hold ups. There are lots of teasing pictures here and for those who like to look at a ladies panties or look and suck a ladies stocking covered toes I have lots of close ups of my toes and panties. I love men buying me lingerie, either men in real life or admirers of mine. I will always wear any nice lingerie you buy me, so if there is anything you would like to see me in, let me know.




selfies of me

April 5th, 2015

Time for more selfies. All these pictures I take from my phone usually when I am alone and bored and tweeting, but sometimes when I am in sessions etc. I like to add them on my site for those that don’t follow me on twitter. They are a complete mixture of pictures, no theme to them, just me on my camera phone having fun. Sometimes a bit explicit, sometimes shoes, feet, boobs, lots of legs, just anything at the time I am doing. Sometimes just me pulling a wacky face or something.These selfies are usually quite a big collection of pictures. This collection has over 150 selfies of me. Oh and because I was on holiday in Majorca there are lots of bikini pictures of me.


Watch me dressed in rubber and stockings playing with balloons

April 2nd, 2015

I enjoy lingerie, but only recently I have in addition began to savor rubber garments in particular while i am playing together with balloons. Everybody more or less loves the balloon. They really are vivid as well as bouncy and stupidly pleasant. They might drift, they will make a loud sound whenever popped. I like this experience as well as sound when your balloon rubs alongside the rubber. I furthermore like to stroke balloons on my own knickers and lingerie covered hip and legs. Within this film, I’m fitted within this quite sexy rubberized nurse outfit and lingerie & I play with various balloons.visit sabrina Stockings to watch the full length movie

Watch this video now in my premium members area

Spanked by the photocopier salesman

March 30th, 2015

It was what I thought, just an average day in the office. I arrived wearing my usual officy type clothes. I had on a very short, smart blue pinstripe skirt and jacket with a crisp white blouse underneath. I was also wearing my trademark fully fashioned nude stockings and a satin suspender belt which held them up with metal clasps and obviously I had on a sexy pair of high heels.

I had done a little internet shopping and ordered myself a couple of new pairs of stockings and made myself a strong cup of coffee. I was the first to arrive at the office so could take it easy for a while. The boss arrived a while later and gave me a wink. He said I looked sexy as usual and told me what he’d expect me to do that day. He gave me a list of the usual trivia which included popping into the city to drop off some papers at the solicitors and post an important document and pick up his lunch. He also said that the photocopier salesman was coming in to check on the photocopier we’d just had installed.

If I remember rightly, the photocopier salesman was quite a sexy young guy and we had flirted quite heavily when he installed the photocopier.

I had done most of the jobs I had been set for the morning but rushed back to the office to meet my appointment with Mr sexy Photocopier salesman.

I arrived at the office and found an older man sitting at my desk. He said he was from the photocopier firm and had come instead of Paul (the sexy guy) well, the replacement salesman wasn’t half as sexy. He was much older and really quite strict looking.

We went into the copying room where he was being a real bore. I usually love it when someone new comes into the office, it really cheers me up. I made him coffee and tried general chat to try to break the ice a little but he was still a right bore. I thought I would make him laugh by photocopying my bottom. He wasn’t looking when I lifted up my skirt to reveal my stocking tops and suspender belt. I sat on the photocopier and pressed start, I made the perfect copy of my perfect bottom. I gave the copier man my picture and he was appalled! He said I was abusing the equipment and didn’t see the funny side at all! I made another copy of my bottom and laughed thinking I would just get out of there and get back to doing some work but he looked me right in the eye and said he’d spank me for being so naughty!

This was just silly behaviour and I thought he was joking! He wasn’t joking. He grabbed my arm and made me bend over next to the photocopier and say sorry for being a naughty girl! Well, potentially, we could both get quite excited by this so I apologised for being so naughty. He then rolled his sleeve up and began to spank my bottom! He lifted up my skirt and pulled my white panties down to my knees and spanked my bottom again, and again and again!

It really hurt and I was sure to have big red patches on my cheeks. He made me repeat the words he said and I had to say sorry over and over again and my bottom was spanked again and again with his big hands. He stopped in between spanking me and touched my thighs and moved his hands over my stocking tops and suspender clasps. I could feel him shaking as I was bent over and realised that he was wanking his cock while looking at my bottom and the sexy stockings I was wearing while I was bent right over in front of him.

He finally orgasmed and he came all over my bottom. He left really quickly to aviod any sort of confrontation with my boss. He was obviously embarrassed and just wanted to get away.

I pulled my panties back up and pulled my skirt back into place. I walked over to my desk and tried t sit down. My bottom was so sore! I sat for a little while and thought to myself that the replacement salesman was quite exciting after all visit me here to read more stocking stories

vintage lingerie and hosiery from the ladies at vintage flash

March 27th, 2015

vintage flash custom shoot each of their underwear movies, vintage flash style these, choose the particular girl and precisely what she wears. Often she will put the woman’s personal naughty style by using objects of her own, it all contributes towards naughty fun of your vintage flash pictures! Whichever the model, vintage flash continually use some lingerie nylons in addition to attractive shoes in every scene. Photos are in three dimensions, with as much as 1800×1200 pixels. Also you can down load photograph sets as Zip data files, or perhaps observe as a slide show. vintage flash movies are usually in wmv file format, accessible in two sizes for your own bandwidth and wants.

vintage flash has a few of the sexiest females using some of the naughtiest outfits, like traditional ff hoisery in addition to garter belts. All these traditional looking wives out of vintage flash in stockings look very hot posing in the home, but we also adore all these 1950’s type bra’s that they are putting on. What wonderful arses most of these girls out of vintage flash have, these ladies look great in ff hosiery bent over showing their naked ass don’t you believe? We’ve found two especially popular women coming from vintage flash right here, 1 busty blonde wearing brown ff hosiery then one woman in a petticoat, hosiery along with a pair of ankle socks?

New blog dedicated to panties

March 24th, 2015

Panty Fetish Blog is a brand new panty fetish site, dedicated to woman in panties. I know you like looking up my skirt. Well at panty fetish blog you get to look up the skirts of many ladies. There is also panty play and of course ladies in nylons. Like in these panty and stockings pictures. A most see set of exclusive panty and lingerie pictures from the Angel of Tease. I love seeing a ladies panties around her ankles, especially if she is wearing high heel stiletto shoes, like Angel is wearing here. Angel loves to dress up in very sexy clothes before stripping them off of course. Like these sexy silk panties that Angel is wearing in these panty pictures that have been taken from her own personal amateur site. Visit Panty Fetish blog here


Taking off my fishnet stockings in a club

March 21st, 2015

I had been invited out to the opening of a trendy new London club and was really looking forward to going. I would be accompanied by a gay friend of mine who really loves going to clubs. He is a huge flirt but as well as chatting to the sexy men, he loves to compliment the girls.

I got ready for the evening out and put on a really sexy tight black corset and sexy little black miniskirt. Underneath I wore a pair of black fishnet stockings and a pair of silky satin black panties and a black satin suspender belt with metal clasps. I wore the highest black heels in my wardrobe and made sure I was ready for my friend at 9 o’clock. He arrived dead on 9 as promised and we left straight away. We got to the club and were asked to go in straight away. It was really glitzy and the decor was really trendy. We were handed miniature bottles of champagne and some gorgeous canapes. The music was great and everyone was really enjoying themselves.

My friend and I were talking about the dress code and he reckoned that while most ladies in the club did look great, I looked stunning. He said that more women should wear stockings and suspenders as it is sooo sexy and if he was a woman he wouldn’t consider wearing anything else.

It did seem that I was one of the the only ladies in the club wearing stockings and suspenders and I knew this because men kept on appraoching me to say how great I looked and a couple of men even brushed past me so slowly and so closey that they could feel the metal clasps on my suspender belt as they walked by.

It is really nice to be complimented by the others and always puts me on a high. My friend and I had a fabulous time dancing and drinking champagne and I hadn’t noticed that one of my stockings had a huge ladder in it. How annoying. I hate ladders, they look awful. I am usually so good at remembering to bring a spare stocking with me but had forgotten this time.

Never mind, I decided instead that I would just remove my stockings and dance the rest of the night away with sexy bare legs instead. I sat down at a table which was surrounded in really good looking men. As I had been drinking champagne, I was a little tipsy so thought I would give a little show whilst taking off my stockings.

I played a sexy little game of Chinese whispers with the men around the table and told them I would take off my stockings for them in a real Burlesque fashion but only if they didn’t invite a whole load more men into the show. I wanted to keep it discreet. My friend watched and giggled as I teased the men with my leg and upskirt show.

I sexily removed each of my heels and really slowly and seductively looked the men right in the eyes and removed each stocking. I rolled them down over my knees one by one lifting my legs high in the air. They would have been given a great glimpse of my satin panties while I peformed for them. I left my suspender belt on and put on my heels again before getting up and blowing a real Marylin style kiss at the men round the table. They were all smiling and looked a somewhat impressed at what they’d just been treated to!

I went over to where my friend was waiting and we both giggled at what I’d done, I always make him laugh when we go out together! We finished our night out with more champagne and lots more dancing before heading home. The next time I go there, perhaps you’ll be there too?! To read all my storie and watch all my videos visit my premier site here

Video of me wearing members stockings

March 18th, 2015

Is this dress too short? I think it is, because you can see my panties, when I bend over and my stocking tops and metal clasps. But I have decided to wear it anyway, while doing the ironing. I hope you like it? I love to make the most boring of jobs much more exciting, by putting on the video camera, putting on a sexy pair of black fully fashioned seemed stockings and giving you a flash at my panties. This stockings and up skirt movie is quite long, so you get to have a good long stare at my stocking covered legs. Do you like that? I hope you do, because I have put these black stockings on just for you. So you can sit back and watch me. I hope you enjoy watching me doing the house work, all dressed up for you. Do you? Let it be our little secret, I will get dressed up every time I do the house work and invite you in to watch. But keep your pants zipped, I wouldn’t want to turn around to catch you wanking over my legs, you naughty boy. To watch the full length movie visit sabrina Stockings


Watch me on black stockings and white panties masturbating and teasing you

March 15th, 2015

 I love to flash my panties at men, outdoors or inside or even on public transport. But sometimes when I am alone with a gentleman friend, whether that be a rich sugar daddy or indeed a submissive slave in my dungeon. I love to put on a panty teasing show. In these pictures I am on the bed in black stockings, a black suspender belt and white panties. This is a real panty tease set of pictures, watch as I pull the panties right inside my very wet pussy. If you look very carefully you can almost see my wet pussy lips wrapped around these very wet white panties. Watch as I push my fingers deep inside my panty covered pussy and rub my panties until they are covered in my wet love juice. Would you like to smell my wet panties after I have put on a very teasing show in them for you?


Hoovering the stairs in heels

March 12th, 2015

When staying in town I stay in the town house I have. Obviously I have a cleaning lady but often when I am having a gentleman around or some friends I like the place to be spotless. The problem with the townhouse is that it has so many floors and so, so many stairs. Three sets of stairs! They take me about 15 minutes to hoover from top to bottom. I have a few gentlemen friends who like to watch me hoover the stairs in heels. Today I gave one of them a camera to film me while I hoover all three flights of stairs. I am wearing nothing but high heels, blue panties and a blue top. The reason I am not wearing stockings, is that I have just come back from a couple of weeks in Majorca and my legs are really really brown. I hope you like them.


Ordering my new stockings

March 9th, 2015

It was a  Sunday morning and a really drizzly, dull day. Normally on a Sunday, I might pop into town for a leisurely look around the shops, or I might take myself out for coffee and a read of the Sunday newspapers or I might lunch with friends but today, I had made plans to spend some time ordering some new stockings.

I took a lovely, long hot shower and dressed. I put on  some plain white underwear, a white suspender belt and a pair of nude, fully fashioned stockings with sexy seams at the back. I put on a white, slouchy jumper and even though I  wasn’t going out, I put on a pair of heels. I love to wear heels,  as it makes me feel sexy and it makes my legs feel and look really long and lean.

I made myself a cup of espresso coffee and put on my laptop in the conservatory. I sat down with my espresso and waited a minute or so for my laptop to boot up. As I drank my coffee, I looked out into the garden and watched the rain trickling down the glass of the conservatory. I was glad not to be going out today, sometimes I love to slouch around the house on my own.

I tapped my password into my laptop and  went online. First of all I checked my e-mails and then went straight to Stockings Hq. A fabulous place to buy stockings!

As soon as I arrived at the website, I had already found two pairs of stockings which I just had to have, they were in the clearance section and  they  weren’t being made anymore so really were must buys. One pair was a nude pair with a Cuban heel and the other had a really pretty lace design  on the stocking tops.

I always go to the sale section as you just never know what you might find. Once, I found a pair of exquisite stockings, a perfect fit and fully fashioned for just a couple of pounds! Very rare these days to find cheap stockings! Normally the kind that I buy more than anything cost at least twenty five pounds a pair. That’s why it’s good to treat them with care, you want to get as much wear out of a pair as possible.

The next type  of stocking I put in my shopping basket was more of a golden colour, very summery, with a seam at the back in a slightly darker colour and this type of stocking always comes in a handy pack of three with a free satin pouch for storage of the third stocking. This brand is fantastic to wear on a night out or to take to work because you just keep the pouch in your handbag just in case of  a disastrous ladder!

This also reminds me to purchase some ladder spray. This comes in a handbag  sized  spray can  and you use it if you have a ladder or a snag in your stocking and  the spray stops the ladder from worsening.

The next stop is the branded stocking  section. I type in Gerbe and I see in front of me some of my absolute favourites, some are so expensive. I like this brand as they seem to always feel like a second skin and are so sheer, that apart from the seam, they  seem invisible. They make your legs look flawless.

I  then put two pairs of very sexy black stockings. These are Cervin stockings and are perfect for a sexy night out. I always get compliments from male friends when I wear these. They are really silky and very sheer. I am always extra careful not to put these on too quickly as I would hate to snag these!

I buy a few everyday pairs of stockings as it is always handy to have lots of these. These are Aristoc and Pretty Polly stockings. Also for day wear, occasionally in the winter, I would wear pantyhose, so while I am shopping, I buy  a pair of black opaque 60 denier pantyhose for those chilly days and a pair of sheer nude and a pair of sheer black pantyhose.

It doesn’t take long to buy stockings when you know the size you’re looking for, as I’m a popular size, sometimes you have to wait for the stockings to come back into stock, but not too often. There always seem to be an abundance of really big sizes in stock. Do large ladies not like wearing stockings I wonder?
I know that I still have lots of stockings to browse, but I can’t go too wild with my credit card and I still have to find a new suspender belt. I do have to look at the Falke stockings though.  These are a German brand and really good quality.
I put a couple of pairs in my basket. I purchase a pair of black hold ups with lace tops and  also  some ‘luxury diamond stockings’ these are just so silky, even I can’t resist running my hands up and down my legs in these! Oh no, I found another pair of gorgeous Falke stockings, these are fifteen pounds and are really elegant and have a peacock feather design on the satin tops. I can’t wait to show you these!

If any of you lovely men out there want to buy me a gift, you can always visit the stockings hq website and I will wear the pair of your choice on my website! Hint Hint!

Before I literally spend a fortune, I visit the suspender section.

I put three in my basket. One is a white everyday suspender belt which is satin, has a little bow at the front and has six straps with metal clasps. The second is a very sexy, very expensive black lace, fetish suspender belt which is very wide and has eight straps with metal clasps and the third purchase is a  shocking pink suspender belt with gorgeous straps all have a covering of lace, just a little bit different to what I might usually buy, though it still has the metal clasps which I love.

Right, I head to the checkout and  get my credit card out of my handbag. I use the gold card and pay for my bits and pieces. I won’t tell you how much I just spent!!

I logout and switch off my computer quickly as I know I have the shopping bug now and could quite easily spend a small fortune.

I put my laptop away for the rest of the day and wonder what I’ll do with the rest of my day. It is still raining outside. Mmmm, maybe I’ll get the laptop back out?

No, I am going to be a good girl, I head upstairs to my dressing room and decided to make some room for my lovely new stockings. I will have a stocking trying on session and see if I can part with any old ones! I’ll let you know when my delivery from Stockings Hq arrives!!

Sucking my black stocking toes and heels

March 6th, 2015

Do you like my feet? I bet you do. Do you prefer feet  covered in stockings or bare feet? Would you like to suck my feet through my stockings? When you have reinforced toes o, it makes the stockings so much thicker and so it ends up feeling like loads of silky cloth in your mouth. I know, I have sucked many women’s toes through stockings and pantyhose. I love not only sucking their toes but rubbing there legs and playing with the metal clasps on the suspender belt. But really I like it done to me more. I don’t mind if it is a woman or a man sucking my feet, I also love my bare toes being sucked, my stockings being slowly pulled down and taken off and my bare toes that have been in nylons all day, sucked and cleaned with a tongue. Would you like to do that? Would you enjoy taking my stockings off after I have been wearing them all day and cleaning my stockings and toes with your mouth and tongue?




Buying My Undies

March 3rd, 2015


I am often asked if I sell my underwear. I do

For purchasing details see this page here

A lady in black stockings is dancing around in front of the camera in this classic porn movie

February 28th, 2015

I am betting the following video is actually from the eighties. Nonetheless I estimate it could be from the 70’s. Nonetheless We are unable to make certain because most of these videos almost all seem similar. Dirty American ladies dressed up in stockings having incredible meetings along with some other stockings wearing sluts and also guys who have mustaches that fuck these women around unlikely locations. I enjoy this 1970’s and also 1980’s films, the corny story lines as well as incredible scenes. Nevertheless just what exactly I prefer the most about most of these classic seventies & eighties films is the women continually appeared sizzling in stockings. Like on this film where we have a lady in black stockings is dancing around in front of the camera in this classic porn movie. watch the full length movie here at vintage classic porn.

In the park changing out of nude stockings

February 25th, 2015

It was a really hot day and I had gone to the park on my lunch-break to make the most of the gorgeous weather. I was wearing a short blue miniskirt and a white blouse, some sexy new sunglasses and of course heels and stockings!

I got to the park and found somewhere nice to sit and read the newspaper. I sat down and after just a couple of minutes realised just how hot it had become.

I decided that It would be a good idea to take off my stockings and let the sun on my sexy legs. I took off my heels and I hitched up my skirt a little to reveal the metal clasps on my black suspender belt. I slowly unclipped the stocking top from the suspender belt and did the same on the other side. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see a man sitting on a bench reading a newspaper. At least that what he was pretending to do! I could tell he was actually watching me, so I decided to put on a little stocking show for him.

I hitched up my skirt a little more so that he could just see my white panties and the dangling suspender straps. His newspaper was just below his eyes and I could see that he was now watching intensely.

I very slowly and very seductively rolled down one of the stockings, over my knee, down to my ankle and over my foot and my painted toes. I took off the other stocking in the same fashion, really slowly taking care not to create a ladder. The other stocking slid off my toes and I placed both the stockings in my handbag.

I carefully unclipped my black suspender belt and sexily pulled it off through the top of my skirt. I drew my knees up to my chest and let the man who was meant to be reading, catch a nice long glimpse up my skirt and see my little white panties. I unbuttoned my blouse down to my cleavage so that he could also get a great glimpse of my breasts. I made sure that every now and then I would cross and uncross my legs so that he would get to see more of my panties.

I got really turned on knowing that he could see right up my skirt and really wanted to know how turned on he was. I looked over at him a couple of times while I reached into my handbag. I pulled out a strawberry flavoured lollipop and took off it’s wrapper. I took offf my sunglasses and deliberately looked right into the man’s eyes. He put his newspaper down now and watched me. I sucked on the lollipop while not taking my eyes off his. I licked it and sucked on it while pretending I was sucking his big cock.

I felt so turned on with him watching me that I could feel my panties getting wet. I could see the man watching me and wishing that I was sucking him off. I could see that his cock had grown very hard inside his trousers and If I didn’t have to get back to work so quickly, I’d love to suck him, but equally I do love to tease!

Still watching him and with the lollipop in my mouth, I got up, bent right over purposely in front of him so that he could see right up my skirt and that I was wearing a thong. I put each of my heels back on. I had to get back to work. As I left the park, I smiled and winked at the man and hoped I might see him there again. Next time, I might not be wearing any panties! want to see what happened next? Visit me at my premium members site


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